New York Times admits to manipulating immigration debate

The New York Times is upset because Progressives are losing control of the immigration debate. Here’s a paragraph from their editorial printed yesterday.

It has long been a hard job to keep the highly combustible immigration debate on the right side of sanity and reality. That progress is now being undone before our eyes in the presidential campaign, courtesy of the faux-populist billionaire who says immigrants are the reason this country is weak and frightened and going to hell.

So now you know, just in case there was still one micron of doubt in your mind on the issue of media bias. These Pravda style Prog scum who pose as reporters and editors at the New York Times won’t give you any real news and opinion because they don’t think you’re mature enough to deal with it. They manipulate public opinion to suit the Democrat Party and the RINO Republicans and clearly act in the assumption that THEY KNOW BEST.

And they’re so damn arrogant they’re not even ashamed to admit it any more.

Don’t think the same manipulation doesn’t happen here in NZ, carried out by the same arrogant we know best Progressives, with the objective of supporting the same corrupt status quo.

The govt is complicit in the invasion of this country and the destruction of our traditional culture in a way that in my mind borders on criminal. And they’re backed up in this betrayal by the mainstream media. And backed up too by too many bloggers who profess to be the antidote to that corrupt media.