Women are infantalised by workplace quotas

One of the worst ideas to get traction in politics over the last few decades has been that of feminism. Its another idea that has as its real purpose another division in our society and another means of weakening it. Based around that old leftist mythical unicorn of “equality’ its theorises that women are suppressed by men and must fight for that aforesaid equality.

That something so obviously a Marxist ploy has the wide acceptance it does shows only one thing, and that is how easy it has been for Progressives to manipulate society since they’ve controlled media and academia. Men and women were never ever meant to be equal. They objective of the two sexes is clearly to procreate, and moving on from that, the roles of mother and father are complementary. Its not equality per se, but there is equal responsibility in those roles.

To take something that was never meant to exist and then insist that non-existent concept be applied in the workplace as well as everywhere else is insanity.  And that situation is made even more unnatural by means of quotas, or even the expectation that some kind of means must be applied to ease the path of women into the workplace and in the workplace once they’ve got there.

Brendan O’Neill nails it in this video from Q and A last Monday. He explains that the idea of gender based quotas is making infants out of women, and IMHO, he’s dead right.