Russel Norman- one brief weird moment of glory

Norman’s one admirable act while an MP always seemed to me so anachronistic. His flying of the Tibetan flag 5 years ago in the face of the Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping’s entourage was an undoubted act of courage and possibly even of principle. The act raised the question though- how could a life time Communist like Norman be the one NZ politician with the courage to take it to China’s Communist regime?

NZ Security forces and Police remained mute and seemingly paralysed while Chinese thugs menaced a member of our Parliament. Norman stood alone against the large Chinese security presence and spoke out for Tibet. Even when the Tibetan flag was snatched from his hands, NZ authorities did nothing. They stood by while the Chinese Communists manhandled a representative of our democracy.

It was as if the Chicoms had landed in NZ and staked out their own territory. On the steps of the NZ parliament no less. They took control just like they control China, gutless lackies of the tyrannical People’s Liberation Army using force and intimidation.

The spinelessness of NZ authorities aside, it was a weird and confusing moment in NZ politics. Another commie being the only NZ MP to protest the Chinese commies. Made even more weird by means of the fact that since the event, many supporters of the NZ National party have used the occasion to mock Norman. When it was IMHO, the one brave and useful thing he did during all his time in parliament. Here’s the video. Judge for yourself.

2 thoughts on “Russel Norman- one brief weird moment of glory

  1. What they should have done is bundle him and his flag on to a Chinese transport plan and taken him back for some reeducation.

    Earn some brownie points with the people of New Zealand.

    I wonder if they reflect on what they did actually achieve for all the time effort and public money. Septic Cow had her watered down anti snaking bill. If National had not supported it (entrenching it) and our referendums were binding it would have been gone 5 minutes after she left.


    • The fact that most if not all of the Green Party MPs come from the far left of the political spectrum is something that totally discredits them as a political force. It will always poison their message.


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