Is Kiwiblog truly a “liberal” blog?

REVERSE RACISMIts a claim made by a few of the regulars on a consistent basis. My thesis is that Kiwiblog is far from liberal and I’ll tell you why I believe that.

If I were looking for one word to describe Kiwiblog the best fit without a doubt is “progressive”. That’s where the conflict begins. Its impossible to be both liberal and progressive at the same time, for the nature of Progressives since the end of WWII has been to attack and force change in what was once a truly liberal society.

Kiwiblog’s owner Mr. Farrar describes himself as a “classic liberal”. Whenever I see this in any self description it sets off alarm bells. To be a true classic liberal one would have to be alive during the times of classic liberalism, and if one was alive in those times, they would be in entirely different surroundings and therefore an entirely different person to what they are today.

Mr Farrar has a reputation as someone who has a generous approach to free speech and this is to many a sign that he is indeed the classic liberal he pictures himself to be. Does Kiwiblog therefore become a liberal blog by means of Mr. Farrar’s ownership? I think that blogs are blogs, and each one has its boundaries. Unfortunately, Kiwiblog’s boundaries are set by the large pack of bigots and progressives who dominate discussion there. They control the debate by means of Mr. Farrar’s reporting system, wherein they write to him with complaints if they don’t like what someone else has said. Or they urge others to write complaints.

The principle behind this system pretty much demands that anyone who wants to remain on Kiwiblog has to fashion their behaviour so as to not to upset the progressive denouncers. It means you must buy into many of the credos expounded by today’s Critical Theorists, who say the Western world built by European white men is a corrupt and degenerate edifice permeated by the curse of Christianity and where racism, sexism, bigotry, greed, and inequality prevail while we rape the environment to enrich ourselves. Never are these concepts confronted as entirely false, but they are discussed and unwittingly yielded upon again and again and again with a little more ground given each time until they are regarded as true and legitimate concerns.

The objective of this repetitive criticism is the steady incremental destruction of the classically liberal society we once had, perceived by Progressives as deeply flawed, and its replacement with the new secular, environmentally conscious Utopian model free of racism bigotry, sexism etc etc. Defending white European males, Christians, and the society they built is something that doesn’t go down well on Kiwiblog, and if it doesn’t defend the race of men and the society that built classic liberalism, how can it possibly be a liberal blog?

Want an example? Her’s just one of many I could provide. One of the foundation stones of today’s Critical Theorist belief system is the idea that colonialists wreaked havoc upon whatever native population that may have existed prior. In NZ there was a “holocaust” against the Maori race. In America there was “genocide” against Indians. These ideas are false, historically out of context, politically motivated and they’re all part of the same political push to convince the gullible that the Western society built by white European males is an evil and deeply flawed edifice. I argued strongly against these fictions and earned demerits from Mr. Farrar due to the complaints of Kiwiblog regulars.

Here is the anti-white-European critical theory BS that he and his progressive commenters tolerate:

The savages were those people like you who stole our land through murder, and then forced marched most of my tribe hundreds of miles to Oklahoma, a march that left thousands dead, including women and children.

We did not invade England and wipe out millions through disease, concentration camps, and mass deportations.

Millions dies from white diseases, were forced off their land into concentration camps, and given disease infested blankets in an early form of germ warfare.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg. By any reasonable standards, that was not just harsh, it was evil and deliberate mass murder.

My people had vastly more genuine individual liberty before the English came along, trashed our property rights, and forced thousands to march all the way to Oklahoma to live in concentration camps.

These cowardly lies smears and myths go unchallenged by most on Kiwiblog for that is what they, in their immersion in progressive thought patterns, think is true. Here, a comment of my own, is what is not acceptable–

We don’t need left wing Democrats coming here from the USA and telling NZ how to conduct its affairs. They are the people mostly responsible for the destruction of one of the greatest Republics of all time. You don’t like our laws, and you want to attack liberty as you have in the US, then you should go back to the US. There are enough white ants born here without importing them.

Sub cultures should respect the traditions of the host country, and our English ancestors wrote the Magna Carta while you were busy making tom toms from buffalo skin.

This earned the following admonition from the host whose own progressive mindset apparently prevents him from seeing the stark hypocrisy in his judgment. Attacks on white Europeans are fine. Don’t dare attack the sacred cows of the Critical Theorists.

[DPF: Official warning. Attack a person’s arguments, not them personally,and especially not their ethnicity (which they have no say over]

Ethnicity” you see. Apparently though, that can’t apply to “the English, those evil savages, those thieves, those genocidists, those murderers”. The English, who conceived the Magna Carta and the Westminster parliamentary system as practised in much of the free world, are fair game.

Does this judgment sound as if it comes from a “classic liberal” or a progressive critical theorist?

Most penalties are handed out on the same basis. Attacks against Conservatives are fine. The rule is do not attack Progressives or their ideas or you will find yourself accumulating demerit points and banned. A random perusal of Kiwiblog today provided the following gems-

“They are the opinions of a sick, irrational scum bag who should be under the care of a mental health professional.”

“Crawl away to the Stranded where the rest of your kind of slime congregate.”

No warnings or demerits because these attacks are on left wing commenters who are perceived as anti-Key and anti-National but are in fact pretty much the same kind of progressive as most of the Kiwiblog commenters. They all buy into the same cultural Marxist critical theory BS, and as long as there is no confrontation of this underpinning abstract, then you’re fine.

Kiwiblog is not a “liberal” blog, its more a post modernist Marxist critique of Conservative society and it embraces most progressive ideas, either wholly or partly. That many fail to see the obvious conflict in these two ideologies is an outcome of the degeneration of our education system, the subtle but pervasive influence of cultural Marxism, and our incremental overall slide into Communism and/ or socialism.

Kiwiblog does little to hack at the roots of the ideas that have caused this slide, and it won’t be a truly liberal blog until it does.

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  1. The latest progressive on kiwiblog is Enkidu, look at the debate between the bangles and Enkidu at the end part of this link:

    Enkidu is saying that the government’s spending is absolutely necessary, and we are being tax at exactly the right level. This is despite The Bangles explaining that the DPB, is certainly not necessary when anyone who’s looking after children can get on it, and the ETS is doing nothing to help the NZ environment.

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    • Enkidu has been pulling down western civilisation for decades.

      Most people able to do simple maths know that there’s actually very little chance of increasing tax take above 20% of what people earn. Its a threshold that sets off resistance and makes any amount above that difficult to collect and hardly worthwhile.

      Then there is the opportunity cost of taxation, where every dollar taken by the govt is a bit more pressure on the economic brake pedal. Its utterly illogical to say that high taxing govts can pull levers to make an economy work. They are a millstone around every working person’s neck.

      Any economy that “booms” under high taxing govts is being manipulated. NZ is a good example where the economy is entirely artificial and kept afloat by govt spending that is not even covered by taxes, as the $100 billion debt shows.

      This is a serious burden for future generations, put in place by a sad selfish socialist mentality with very little foresight. Don’t they ever think about what this debt burden means somewhere down the track? And it exists only to maintain the illusion that socialism underpinned by Keynesian economic theory works.

      Greece is the future for every Western democracy with entitlements that are unaffordable. Unless politicians come along who speak truth, and the voters are sensible enough to vote for them. Do you think these two events are likely?


      • Red, their’s more truth to your statement than you think. As I’ve tried to say many times before, people put their money in trusts to minimise taxes. My brother has a company in England, and all the money goes through his company trust account. If he only takes 20,000 pounds out for the year, he pays 0% income tax. So if he earns 50,000 pounds for the year, he doesn’t pay tax on the full 50,000. As long as you have different tax rates, and those rates are substantially different people will hire people to find loopholes. But if the change in income tax rates is very small, like 10% on the first $200, and then 20% for everything after that, then it just simply isn’t worth hiring all these people to find loopholes. So a maximium of 20%, or at least not much higher than that, makes sense.

        In regards to your last question, as long as we have the ETS which goes overseas, and as long as anyone with children can just go on the DPB, then I think the answer has to be no, politicians only think about the short term making things look good, without tackling the real issues.


    • Thanks for the link H. I have downloaded and will watch on my TV later. Its interesting how European states are increasingly rejecting progressivism/ critical theory and reverting to the traditional societies they know, where liberty and individual rights were given precedence over the Utopian ideas of socialist collectivists.

      They’ve been through the hard times that taught them this lesson. NZ is still a long way from learning it.

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  2. Great piece (have read it all now). I dipped in KB this morning re the post about Max Key, but quickly realised that nothing has changed (including the sand in the sand pit), and didn’t bother for too long. I’m sure you are busy, but often look at your blog for something I know will be worth reading (including the comments). I’ve moved to London, and politics is certainly very interesting here… not to mention keeping an eye on the US also. Keep up the great work!! ps any good book recommendations appreciated.


    • Thanks H. I have read two good books lately. Ann Coulter’s “Adios America” and Mark Levin’s “Plunder and Deceit”. I can email you epub versions if you are interested or can’t get them yourself.


      • I’ll get em, thanks! Was wondering about Coulter’s book, and will check out the other also. Cheers.


  3. That a lot of research.

    Personally I just find Kiwiblog and DPF to be an apologist for the National Party.

    But they are less restrictive than Blubber Boy over on Whaleshit. How is Whaleshit going have not been there for a very long time.

    Meanwhile I am busy grinding Auckland Transport down on my latest, revenue collecting, parking ticket. It gives me an inner peace taking on these despicable little worms.

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    • “Personally I just find Kiwiblog and DPF to be an apologist for the National Party.”

      Yes, there’s a lot of that in it. The Progressive National Party, as John key described it.

      Best of luck in your tussle with the worms. They’re an arrogant lot with no care whatsoever in spending rate payer money to remind you how powerful they are.


      • Haven’t lost a case yet.

        People forget that you are Innocent until proven guilty in a Court of law.

        I was parked in one of those shared pedestrian zones at 1.30 am in the morning. Only parking allowed is 7am to 11 am and then for delivery vehicles only.

        As I was possibly parked illegally I am going to have to discredit the parking warden. Pity as a background check shows he is married with children.

        I think the Bus lanes have now gone 24 Hours, This would be interesting as they were originally only for peak traffic times. Not to many buses about at 3 am in the morning. But they will be out enforcing it to the Max.

        Take out the profit motive and not much that Auckland Transport does makes sense.


  4. Mr Farrar is certainly Fiscally conservative but on almost all other policy he is liberal/’progressive’ (I hate the term progressive as the word implies they are making progress which they are not they are regressive.) So he and the majority of posters on non fiscal issues line up with the Greens, Labour, ACT and the National parties.


  5. Self professed “fiscal conservatives” are a contradiction in terms. They can’t be Conservatives at all if they support progressive policies that contribute greatly to the economic problems that exist and are manifested in big overspending interfering govt.

    Anyway, no one voting for the National party for example can truly describe themselves as “fiscally conservative”, as National has done nothing over eight years to reign in spending or shrink the state. We’re basically coasting along with economic settings that are more spendthrift than Helen Clark’s govt.

    Fiscal Conservatives are a bit like atheists. As there are no atheists in a foxhole, so are there no fiscal conservatives when its their entitlements that might be taken away.


    • Wonder what the House of Lords excuse was? DPF is selectively fiscally conservative. Won’t tax sugar laden junk food, but happy for tax payers to support organ donors. Hmmm.


    • Well its true in the case of the ETS and domestic violence. Even the way you use money is domestic violence. So they said they’ll do something about the DPB, but by making everything count as domestic violence, they actually aren’t. And the ETS has only been since National or after National took office.


    • Couldn’t be more true. The price of social liberalism is fiscal freedom and this cost is more than we can pay..


  6. Kiwiblogs best commentators post over here anyway Red.
    While there may not be as many comments, each is quality and is not full of the utter dross that infects Kiwiblog.

    I’m slowly weaning myself off it and only really post now to wind up the Drongos as sensible discussion is almost impossible. I’ll make a point to read Reid, Dime, Deadrightkev, Padriv, Kowtow, Odakyu & davec but that’s about it.

    The worst commentators are the Nat boot lickers though. Spineless, naive cowards the lot of them.

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    • You should come to Twitter EAD. You’re not subject to the predations of the kind of idiot left wing/ progressive trolls and cowards that contaminate Kiwiblog and you can block or mute them if they do bother you anyway.

      I have more than 1300 followers now and growing daily at an exponential rate. I had almost 100,000 impressions last month which is as much as I might get on this blog & definitely more than I would get commenting on Kiwiblog. My Klout score is now over 55 which is quite an improvement, especially seeing I will not use Facebook.

      Twitter is a far superior option.


      • Have thought often about joining twitter Red but it all comes back to not wanting to join from a personal rather than political level.

        I limit my time ( due to professional, family, other commitments & my own sanity) on social media/blogs to early morning and some evenings and from what I see twitter requires regular usage in order to maximise it’s potential?

        Correct me if I’m wrong


        • True to some extent, but its really just a trade off. The time I used to spend on blogs or other news outlets I now spend on Twitter, although I think I spend less time on it overall, as Twitter is a much more communicative facility and with a much broader reach than say the comments section at Kiwiblog.

          You can’t spam it, as followers won’t like it, so you need to make each tweet as effective as it can be.

          Its much more immediate than blogs too. News hits twitter hours if not days before it gets out anywhere else.

          The best part of it is its a true alternative people’s news forum, where the lies of the mainstream media are seen and exposed in an instant.

          I thought the same as you before I started, that I spent too much time on the net anyway, but now I think Twitter probably saves me time.

          Whatever, its streets ahead of dealing with those knuckle dragging cowards at Kiwiblog and putting up with Headmaster Farrar’s demerits system. To hell with that crap.

          Edit- Twitter is much funnier too. There are some very witty tweeters.

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    • Hi meatloaf,

      I’ve had one or 2 discussions with The Bangles and I’ve found him to be a very knowledgeable and insightful poster – definitely I’m someone who gives useful insights. In fact, I remember the post we first debated (below). He doesn’t post often hence In didn’t call him out above by name.

      Note the quality and tone of the debate even just a year ago on KB c/what it is now. Actual ideas were discussed instead of slogans shouted.


  7. Thanks EAD, I know the Bangles personally, and introduced him/her to kiwiblog. The name The Bangles was chosen, is after the rock group, the bangles. As you’ve said the quality of people has deteriorated. You have someone who’s name starts with a G and is pushing his global warming tax nonsense, you have PJM and his loose money, and now you have Enkidu, so before it was only Mikenmild, now you have these circus characters. And if you and Red are using it less often, it just doesn’t have the same value.

    Honestly, you and the Bangles and red are my favourites.


    • I first went to KB during run up to last NZ election… wasn’t too bad back then, but now the vitriole thrown around is so unnecessary and unpleasant. I’m wishing I could speak/understand Hungarian without the use of Google translate… there might be better blogs in that country. But you are right, this is one of those worth taking the time to visit. Twitter is good, too, depending on who you choose to follow. Can get a wide range of info from lots of sources. Leads down a lot of rabbit holes. Interesting.


  8. Well where the Kiwiblog stands is evident when you make the slightest reasoned criticism of the Helen Key government, only to be told that you must be a left winger suffering from Key Derangement Syndrome. The self-awareness of some is truly lacking.

    The reality is increasingly the commentors are suffering Key Felatio Syndrome where unless you are down on both knees sucking off the National Party leader you are met with the usual unthinking ad hom rhetoric.


    • “Key Felatio Syndrome”

      The below is a quote from Frankfurt school critical theorist Erich Fromm, from his book “The Sane Society”. Fromm was a commie and probably wasn’t thinking of this particular context , but in fact he unwittingly uttered a paragraph that applies so perfectly to the derangement of socialism.

      “The fact that millions of people share the same vices does not make these vices virtues, the fact that they share so many errors does not make the errors to be truths, and the fact that millions of people share the same form of mental pathology does not make these people sane.”
      ― Erich Fromm, The Sane Society

      These pro-Key idiots fall into two main categories- Old timers who mistakenly think National still stands for something, and millenial types who have never known anything but Clark/ Key style socialism and know nothing of any alternative.

      Its an irony that Key owes so much of his popularity to the failure of the education system and a resulting ignorance of history. An outcome that is a deliberate design of the far left.

      In the political battle in NZ the left have so soundly defeated the National Party that all we witness in each daily battle is the prevailing group of socialist idiots being criticised by another group of socialist idiots embittered because they don’t hold power.

      Its just a one party system with two leadership factions battling for supremacy.

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  9. My opinion is that Kiwi Bog is funded by National and the Communist chinese to further
    Global Marxism and the Future Military invasion of the South Pacific.

    At least it is a propaganda site for the National Party or as I refer to it
    the National Socialist Party of NZ.

    As Long as you agree with all of John keys policies and leave your brain at the Door
    you are free to post on “KiwiBlog”

    It is a joke the amount of free flag agenda was incredible I fully expected Kiwi Blog
    to start selling toilet rolls with the NZ flag on.

    I would strongly suspect he is paid a nice sum by all the people who have a vested
    interest in destroying NZ through John Keys policies.

    Post Anything vaguely anti communist and you will be banned.

    It is a useful site for useful idiots


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