You’ll never know how bad things are in Europe unless you watch this amazing video

The most amazing video. You think you know what is going on in Europe? Watch this and you will be surprised at how much worse it is. This is what the MSM should be so urgently telling us, because it is the truth.

Instead they hide it from us. Watch this video and you’ll not only be shocked and concerned at what is really happening but you will feel betrayed at the way the MSM, in league with our current bunch of sleazy progressive politicians, have worked to provide a totally different picture.

So they have not just hidden this real and present danger, they have actually conspired, with their favourite politicians, to cover it up. They are traitors to their profession. They are traitors to the West and it freedoms. Pure and simply traitors.

Apart from our betrayal by the MSM, this video also demonstrates how progressive political policies over the last few decades have softened the west up and made us easy meat for the Islamists.

The wide application of critical theory has lead to a complete devaluation of our own culture and heritage. Women’s “equality”, a foolish and flawed concept, has completely decimated our birth rate and emasculated our men.

Our children have been wrenched from us by a dysfunctional education system that has created a massive cultural division between parents and their children.

Our society is fractured and divided over a thousand issues that the left have pushed exactly with that purpose in mind, and we are weak and easily defeated because of this disunity. Especially when faced with the unity and conviction of the Islamist forces.

The invading Islamists have the fierce pride and commitment to their culture that the West once had, but has been destroyed by Progressives.

If there’s a way out of Europe’s defeat I’d like someone to tell me. The left have done irreparable damage to our societies and therefore our civilization.

History a century from now will write them down as being more damaging to Western civilization than the plague.

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  1. This is chilling. I watched something similar yesterday. And I can tell you from watching BBC and Sky News and reading the mainstream press here in London, nothing like that is ever mentioned or shown. No one openly talks about ‘the problem in Europe’, though I do know in my limited circle, there are people who are none too impressed. I think in Europe in the very near future there will only be a few countries a real European person would want to live and they will not be in Scandinavia, France, Germany or potentially even the UK, unless Brexit happens and/or Ukip can get elected. I take my hat off to Nigel Farage for his continued determination to get people on the side of Brexit. I love watching footage of him in the European Parliament. And his 2ic is good value as well. Was also watching Soros in this linked from a story on Freedom Outpost. What a vile little man.

    That about does it for now. I’m going back to my happy place now.


  2. So scary and to think so many cannot see what is happening .
    Makes me want Trump to get the nomination and Hillary to get defeated by him otherwise the USA could be under the same threat.

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    • Absolutely disgusting. On Sky News tonight a lengthy segment about the plight of the poor desperate migrants being exploited by the people smugglers and having to risk their lives crossing the Aegean in unseaworthy boats. And the heroic brave men who patrol the sea to rescue them all. FFS!

      But of course, no mention, not a bean, of the plight of the innocent people who have to deal with the cretins marauding their way through Europe, and the chaos created when the invaders arrive in their preferred destination, Germany or Sweden.

      It all just beggars belief.


  3. I have seen a few excerpts of that video – it is very alarming.
    I’m afraid this is going to end very badly. If the current ruling elites are not voted out very soon, they will be thrown out by popular uprisings, and there will be a war between peoples of the country, and the migrants who think they have the right – and the duty to Allah – to invade and take over.
    This has to be the softest invasion in the entire human history – people are so blinded by the leftist indoctrination that they are going to suffer horrendously.


  4. I am employing a few German backpackers at the moment and they say they are worried about the situation, when pressed. I get the feeling that they are too polite and well mannered as a people, to speak out. I also think Europeans would need to be vastly out numbered to loose a fight for survival against the Infidel. Death by 1000 cuts, (which is what is happening) who knows..

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  5. “This is what the MSM should be so urgently telling us, because it is the truth.

    Instead they hide it from us. Watch this video and you’ll not only be shocked and concerned at what is really happening but you will feel betrayed at the way the MSM, in league with our current bunch of sleazy progressive politicians, have worked to provide a totally different picture.” Red

    Treason and other crimes against the Sovereign and the State – 73 Treason:

    Every one owing allegiance to the Sovereign in right of New Zealand commits treason who, within or outside New Zealand, (c) assists an enemy at war with New Zealand, or any armed forces against which New Zealand forces are engaged in hostilities, whether or not a state of war exists between New Zealand and any other country;



  6. Land Of Confusion

    I must have dreamed a thousand dreams
    Been haunted by a million screams
    But I can hear the marching feet
    They’re moving into the street

    Now, did you read the news today?
    They say the danger has gone away
    But I can see the fire’s still alight
    They’re burning into the night

    There’s too many men, too many muslims
    Making too many problems
    And there’s not much love to go around
    Can’t you see this is a land of confusion?

    This is the world we live in
    And these are the hands we’re given
    Use them and let’s start trying
    To make it a place worth living in

    Oh, superman, where are you now?
    When everything’s gone wrong somehow?
    The men of steel, these men of power
    Are losing control by the hour

    This is the time, this is the place
    So we look for the future
    But there’s not much love to go around
    Tell me why this is a land of confusion

    This is the world we live in
    And these are the hands we’re given
    Use them and let’s start trying
    To make it a place worth living in

    I remember long ago
    When the sun was shining
    And all the stars were bright all through the night
    In the wake of this madness, as I held you tight
    So long ago

    I won’t be coming home tonight
    My generation will put it right
    We’re not just making promises
    That we know we’ll never keep

    There’s too many men, too many muslims
    Making too many problems
    And there’s not much love to go round
    Can’t you see this is a land of confusion?

    Now, this is the world we live in
    And these are the hands we’re given
    Use them and let’s start trying
    To make it a place worth fighting for

    This is the world we live in
    And these are the names we’re given
    Stand up and let’s start showing
    Just where our lives are going to….

    Never mind your davos pals johnny boi. Even you know you don’t sh*t where you eat


  7. “Society in western Europe is on the verge of breaking down amid chaotic violence caused by economic dislocation, mass immigration and terrorism. This is not the view of some ‘crazy survivalist’ but of the head of the Swiss Armed Forces”


    Lieutenant-General André Blattmann has issued a warning to the Swiss people that society is dangerously close to collapse and advised those not already armed as part of the Swiss Army reserve to take steps to arm themselves. Blattmann has been head of the Armed Forces since, 1 March 2009 and his words carry very significant weight in a country in which several Citizens’ Initiative referenda against burqas and mosques have proven enormously popular as concerns grow about immigration and Islamisation.”

    “The threat of terror is rising, hybrid wars are being fought around the globe; the economic outlook is gloomy and the resulting migration flows of displaced persons and refugees have assumed unforeseen dimensions.”

    Blattmann: “Social unrest can not be ruled out”, the vocabulary in public discourse will “dangerously aggressive.”

    “The mixture is increasingly unappetizing” Blattmann sees the basis of Swiss prosperity and society, “has long been once again called into question.”

    “He recalls the situation around the two world wars in the last century and advises Switzerland, to arm themselves”


      • Tommy Robinson on trial for his life


        Tommy’s next court appearance is on April 14. Based on what happened to him the last time he was imprisoned, if he has to do another stretch inside he may not come out alive.

        A few details on his case…

        The last time Tommy was in prison, he was locked up with hardened Muslim criminals who wanted to kill him. He was repeatedly attacked and beaten up, and ended up in the prison hospital more than once.

        On one occasion he was locked in a cell with several Muslim prisoners, one of whom (a Somali, if I remember correctly) was about throw boiling water in his face. Tommy acted pre-emptively, knocked the boiling water away, and beat up the man who tried to throw it on him.

        It is this incident for which he is being charged

        Part of the establishment’s strategy to ensure that he gets sent back inside is that the charge against him has been reduced to battery, so that he is not entitled to a jury trial. Tommy is convinced that if he were to stand before a jury of his peers, he would be acquitted. But he is to be denied that opportunity.

        So here’s the plan: Lock up the most charismatic leader the British Counterjihad has. Put him in with his most dangerous enemies — Muslim criminals who have promised to kill him. Make sure that the guards are absent or looking the other way when the trouble starts. Then, as far as the shariah-compliant British state is concerned, the problem has been solved.

        The UK, like all the other enlightened governments of Western Europe, has abolished the death penalty. But there’s more than one way to kill a political nuisance — you don’t have to march him up the steps to the gibbet, put the noose around his neck, and open the trapdoor under him.

        What is happening to Tommy Robinson is capital punishment by alternative means


  8. If there’s a way out of Europe’s defeat I’d like someone to tell me.

    Eliminating the invaders at source. Even Britain and France could do this several times over.


    • Saw an idea that made sense….


      1. Rent the Island of Rhodes (Greek Island off the coast of Turkey) from the Greek Government, which is bankrupt and in need of cash. It could be any Greek island, I picked Rhodes because of its size and close proximity to the theater of combat.

      2. Create a massive relocation camp on the Island of Rhodes and ship them all there based on their willingness to sign a contract. Feed the women, children, old and infirm, train the men.

      3. Military age refugee men and women willing to serve would be trained and sent into the Levant (Iraq/Syria) to fight ISIL. Since most of the refugees are Christians, I don’t think that they’d mind.

      4. Group them by nationality into battalions that are brigaded for the purpose of military campaigns. Have experienced NATO officers lead them with military support for the same (US/Canadians support the Syrian refugees, Germans the Iraqi refugees, France for the Africans, for example, etc.)

      5. Allow service of say, five years under arms, to equate to what is substantially citizenship to live in the (formerly ISIL-occupied) lands that they liberate. Give them land as a reward.

      6. Pay them a nominal fee possibly from the IMF, World Bank, or a separate fund for service and feed/house their families on Rhodes while they’re under arms.

      This allows boots on the ground at reasonable cost, averts the immigration crisis in Europe and feeds the starving. The victorious displaced would get a home, ISIL would be eliminated and stability would be restored to a war-ravaged area of the world.”


      I would add to that plan – Train the army in the construction of infrastructure like the Roman legions of old. That would take care of reconstruction of recaptured bombed out ruined cities. Also would give the soldiers a trade/profession/job to go to when they’re demobilized.


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  10. I see the future and it’s looking grimm….



    Europe’s fate may be sealed already.

    It doesn’t need to be this way for my BELOVED NEW ZEALAND AND ITS PEOPLES


  11. Sweden Burns to the Ground


    “The following analysis of the European situation by Julian Langness is drawn from the pattern of events that other recent failed states, such as Lebanon, the Balkans, and Afghanistan, have followed. The entire projection can be found at Counter-Currents Publishing. Keep this in mind when the effeminate present you with a treacherous vision of mercy, one that emphasises feelings over the good of their own people. They are promoting war and rape and suffering on an unimaginable level.

    Hypothetical Scenario Involving the Outbreak of Violence In Europe

    Date: Summer 20xx (this could be 2016, 2019, 2024, etc. . . .)

    1.Increased friction between the Swedish state and immigrants has enflamed tensions throughout the country. Malmö begins seeing increasing immigrant on native violence of a level previously unknown. Further, the violence has become a cultural phenomenon or purposeful “Intifada” similar to the “Days of Rage” in Palestine. Swedish women are raped openly in the streets. Swedish men are attacked regularly. The police force in Malmö is on the brink of collapsing. Their operations are increasingly militarized as any form of regular policing is impossible. The immigrant communities have progressed completely out of government control, short of tactical incursions by government forces necessitating large numbers of police and riot troops with military vehicles.

    2.White flight out of Malmö and the surrounding areas has left the city devoid of the personnel needed for it to function. There are massive shortages of teachers, medical personnel, firefighters, and EMT’s. Government services increasingly exist in name only. Police officers must be bussed in from neighboring areas. The justice system is collapsing and the judicial system has fully collapsed. The first hints of 4GW crime begin appearing, such as kidnappings and tolls to travel through certain areas.

    3.Native Swedish vigilante violence begins as chaos escalates. There are multiple shootings of Muslim men. Some involve self-defense, others offer unclear motives and appear to be politically or “racially” motivated. Middle-Eastern restaurants are burned to the ground. Refugee centers are burned and shot up.

    4.The increasingly isolated Swedish government, massively threatened by the destabilization of society, begins violently clamping down on free speech. Political “hate speech” on the internet is prosecuted vigorously. Right-wing anti-immigrant groups are attacked and shut down.

    5.With Malmö in state of insurrection and chaos, and calls for violence from Muslims across Europe, Denmark completely seals off the Øresund Bridge and fully militarizes their border with Sweden. They further clamp down on civil liberties of Muslims in Denmark, afraid the crisis will spread.

    6.The Swedish government outlaws the Sweden Democrats, who, despite widespread support among ethnic Swedes, still have not taken power because of the ever-increasing number of foreign born immigrants being hastily granted citizenship and voting rights. Sweden Democrat supporters march in the streets and there are acts of violence and vandalism against representations of the government and against the immigrant community.

    7.Ethnic violence escalates in Stockholm and Gothenburg. There are riots in heavily immigrant areas. Massive nightly car burnings occur, along with a number of homicides. The government attempts Martial Law as the two cities becomes increasingly Balkanized.

    8.In addition to the vanguard of small-scale native Swedish vigilante groups that have sprung up, larger and slightly more mainstream self-defense militias begin expanding and arming themselves, despite government attempts to violently crack down on them. These are made up of men with relevant experience in law enforcement, the military, hunting, etc., and represent a “normalization” of vigilantism.

    9.Government legitimacy disappears as coalition government starts to crumble. Events from Sweden begin to appear as front-page news on a daily basis throughout Europe.

    10.As violence between Swedish militias and immigrant gangs escalates, first trickles of external funding begin to appear for Preservationist groups/militias (most likely from either Denmark, Poland, Russia, Finland, or any combination of the above). Funding likewise grows for increasingly organized Islamist/immigrant groups. Saudi Arabia and other Gulf nations responsible.

    11.Despite likely Danish funding of preservationist elements within Sweden, Denmark also continues attempting to prop up mainstream Swedish government, afraid of mass spillover should government fall and anarchy increase.

    12.As Malmö becomes 100% Muslim-controlled due to massive white flight and the inability of security system to maintain order, and as violence grows throughout country, the national government topples.

    13.Killings are occurring every day; Preservationist militias are patrolling streets; Muslim gangs make incursions into native areas and carry out killings; suicide bombings begin to occur.

    14.The vastly overstretched Swedish police force and the “cosmetic” Swedish military collapse.

    15.Preservationist militia begin taking over Swedish Army depots and bases and arming themselves.

    16.Immigrant gangs and Islamists begin doing same in Malmö and other heavily Muslim areas.

    17.The EU, hamstrung by political impotence and infighting and having massive problems of its own, is largely powerless to act.

    18.Full-scale 4GW fighting expands between Preservationist militias and Muslim gangs/organizations. Fighting is fiercest in medium-sized towns in southern half of country, because these areas are not homogeneous like in the ghettoized suburbs. Thousands are killed as each side struggles to maintain control over neighborhoods and areas. As in Afghanistan and Lebanon, territory is fluid and some areas change sides on an almost constant basis as the fighting escalates.

    19.Widespread atrocities are committed by both sides, just as they are in almost all conflicts. Hundreds of Muslims at a time are slaughtered by Swedes and buried in mass graves, just like in the Balkans. Swedish men, women, and children are murdered and often beheaded. Other Swedes are found dismembered and tortured to death. Young Swedish girls are abducted and kept as sex slaves by local commanders, just as Russian girls in Chechnya were in the 1990s. First real military weaponry begins to be used, including mortars, missile launchers, etc.

    20.Native Swedish refugees attempt to flee country in large numbers; Norwegian and Finnish governments allow them in. Muslim refugees are prohibited, and large numbers of Muslims eke out existence in now war-torn suburbs, often without heat or utilities.

    21.Eventually troops from neighbouring European countries join fighting on behalf of Preservationist militias. The original Swedish government has ceased to exist. Numerous left-wing politicians have been executed as traitors. Heavy fighting continues. Muslims in the far south are pushed back into Malmö and contained. Fighting continues in other areas of the country.


  12. ‘France is ‘on the verge of a civil war’ which could be sparked by a mass sexual assault on women by migrants, intelligence chief warns’


    “Patrick Calvar, chief of the Directorate General of Internal Security, told members of the French parliamentary commission: ‘We are on the brink of civil war’.

    According to French newspaper Le Figaro, he said: ‘This confrontation I think it will take place.

    ‘Even one or two attacks and it will happen. It therefore behooves us to anticipate and block all these groups

    In May the former head of MI6, Richard Dearlove, said Europe would face a ‘populist uprising’ if its governments did not take control of the migrant crisis.

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel was also told by security experts last October that middle class citizens in Germany were becoming ‘radicalised’ because of her open borders migrant policy.

    She was warned that it could lead to widespread disorder”


    Order Out Of Chaos – A New World Order


  13. Germany to tell people to stockpile food and water in case of attacks


    “The population will be obliged to hold an individual supply of food for ten days,” the newspaper quoted the government’s “Concept for Civil Defence” – which has been prepared by the Interior Ministry

    People will be required to stockpile enough drinking water to last for five days, according to the plan, the paper said.

    The 69-page report does not see an attack on Germany’s territory, which would require a conventional style of national defence, as likely.

    The precautionary measures demand that people “prepare appropriately for a development that could threaten our existence and cannot be categorically ruled out in the future,”


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