It’s cronyism, not capitalism..!!

What is cronyismIf there’s one thing that shows how crosswired the left are its how often they make the claim that NZ is on the road to hell because of the unbridled capitalism encouraged by John Key. According to the left, we’re suffering because of a rampant free market that is exploiting every last cent from the long suffering masses they like to collectively call the “poor”.

Well, as usual, the left are wrong. I don’t really know how wrong, because I can’t claim to know how much of a real free market remains in NZ anymore. I do know that the Govt injects around $100 billion into the economy and that this is a fair slice of the market, so it can’t be that free.

Local govt too is spending large into the private sector. Today I read the news that Wellington city council had loaned a certain company $300,000 to set up a call center in the city. The call center has failed, its workers were laid off and the ratepayers have done their dough.

The guy who set this up probably calls himself a businessman. He might even be one of those champions of free enterprise you see commenting on blogs like Whaleoil and Kiwiblog, where they can’t wait to slag off the unemployed, Maoris, or anyone else who gets any “handout” from govt.

In fact he’s not any kind of damn businessman, he’s purely and simply a cronyist. A socialist cronyist who dipped his hand into the taxpayer’s pockets by way of a bunch of sleazy bureaucrats who insanely imagine they have some super ability to pick winners in business. The bureaucrats are cronyists too.

This is a process that scars NZ business but in fact its happening right across the Keynesian socialist west and its getting worse with the impact of the climate change fraud. Billions of dollars are being dished out to “innovative technology companies” because of the dire threat of AGW. Utter and complete bullshit. There’s no real threat, the whole thing is merely a means for more cronyism which gives the left more of what they want above all and that is POWER.

There’s no damn free market. There’s merely a mass of cronyist dealings between fake businesmen/ women and politicians and bureaucrats and these deals intrude into just about every facet of our lives.  Leaving aside the issue of how much of this money is wasted.

Nick Smith has given away millions in his loony green business subsidies but trying to find out whether there was a real pay off is almost impossible. New Zealand Venture Investment Fund and New Zealand Trade and Enterprise and the Callaghan fund are all similar operations and I’d guess the few occasions we have heard of failure there are only the tip of the iceberg.

The Callaghan fund has 358 permanent and 41 part-time employees and a total payroll of $37.3 million. The average pay is estimated at $98,500 per annum. This is before any employer superannuation or KiwiSaver contributions. NZTE has a payroll of $67 million.

I see the breakfasts lunches and dinners, where Joyce or Key are there among their back slapping mates, all pretending to be businessmen and or sharp political operators when all they really are is a bunch of thieves helping themselves to other people’s money. One side is there for the free money and the other side, the politicians, for the votes. The bureaucrats are there to entrench and enrich themselves.

As a small govt Conservative I acknowledge that govts need to spend some taxpayer money, but that expenditure should be severely limited and only what is necessary to complete the role of governance. Defence forces, record keeping etc. Money should not be taken from hard working families and gambled on fast talking cronyists intent on making a buck by scratching the backs of crooked self serving bureaucrats and vote buying politicians.

I detest all of these cronyist swine, not only for their amorality, but also because of the impact their shady deals have on real businesses, that have to bear the commercial brunt of the cronyists’ folly.

It can’t go on forever. With debt rising exponentially, we have to get back to real free markets and more importantly real productivity.  That means leaving it to real business. Its means people who earned the money spending it themselves, and not having it taken from them by self serving political crooks. Let’s hope we can collectively  wisen up before the whole damn rotten scenario collapses in its own economic excrement.

15 thoughts on “It’s cronyism, not capitalism..!!

  1. The worst cases will be found in local body politics.

    Look at the number of staff and the salary packages.

    The escalation clauses in contracts.

    The cost recovery fees for licensing just about everything whilst adding no value.

    Total lack of any cost/benefit analysis.

    The insane subsidies for public transport.

    The list is endless.


    • Trickle down economics is a left wing concept Bob, look up its origins. The left dreamed up the term and then said its what the right want. Like most ideas the left cling to its not anything real.


      • Ah no no ,i’ve been round too long to fall for that old chessnut,trickle down is definately a right wing concept which they are still pushing today,or if you like you can call it ”’ Austerity.””’
        You must spend money in the hard times to stimulate the economy which puts money into peoples pockets who then go and spend it for the good of the whole community,it is not rocket science.


        • Your tax and spend plan seems to be working well in the US brickbob. Socialists never did economics well.


          • No this is not a left or right or Socialist ””’ whatever that means””’ issue, it is just common sense econimics which benefit everyone,i think the od Left and Right labels have long gone and hopefully replaced by common sense.”


            • Can’t benefit everyone. A few people deserve it. Most – including all those on benefits, which includes super, state schools, state hospitals, etc, don’t.


        • How do you think we got to be $100 billion in debt and growing with an interest bill around $5 billion a year? With no hope of paying it back. Clueless.


          • Well i know how we got half of this debt,it occured under this present government who as we all know could not organise a chook raffle at the local RSL,And the Govt before it was’nt much better,so what do we do?


            • Actually Bob, debt was only about 9 billion (IIRC) when Klark left office. Its grown becasue key hasn’t had the balls to do anything that should be done. He’d rather pay a $5 billion dollar per year interest bill than incur the wrath of the voters. He’d rather put a $100 billion debt upon our children than make the hard decisions.

              Actually, I understand his predicament. Given he’s so useless at selling a viewpoint that runs contrary to popular or conventional wisdom, he not likely to be able to persuade voters that he is doing what has to be done. so he’ll likely be voted out if he did do it. As Mark Textor and his pollsters probably tell him.

              So what would you do in his position Bob? Keep lying or tell the voters the truth?


              • I’d do what Brash wanted to do: with his majority after his first election, get back to FPP, get back to property-owner, tax-payer franchise, set up a fiscal council to control debt and tax rates, eliminate corporate taxes altogether, and most of all eliminate welfare (including super, health & education as well as the dole). Staff up and arm the cops – hell you’ll need to for any serious reform to have a chance in NZ!

                Sort that and the rest will sort itself.


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