Donald Trump again sends the political class into a frenzy

free-speech-voltaireThe political class are growing increasingly concerned about Donald Trump. His latest proposal, to put a temporary halt to all Muslim immigration, has got them screaming from the rooftops in a frenzy of knee jerk outrage.

How dare Trump confront the Constitution and the Bill of Rights by discriminating against religion….!!

Funny isn’t it, how suddenly these Progressives who have never previously given one damn for the Constitution, and have described it as an outdated document that should be binned for ever, have no shame in using it to support their argument.

Their complaints are all hollow of course, as the Obama administration’s immigration policy already discriminates on religion by preferring Sunni Muslims, and although it talks about giving preference to Christians, in fact Christians seeking refuge from Syria are not taken.

The Constitution applies to Americans, not to people from other countries who want to come to America.

As for the argument that Islam is a “faith, or a “religion”, more incredibly uninformed balderdash from half educated Progressives. Religion is only a part of Islam.

In reality Islam is a political movement carrying a whole framework for society. And in any country where Islam has gained a foothold, they have implemented this framework to the destruction of whatever the local law and government specifies. Here’s a table that spells it out-

Islamic Comparison


Of course the real issue with Trump, the real reason he sends the political class into a frenzy, is that he constantly breaches the Berlin wall they have built around political discussion. If you haven’t picked up on it lately, the word from our betters is that multi-culturalism is a good thing, and no dissent with that POV will be tolerated. Trump has fearlessly challenged that decree, and the voters are supporting him with an increased lead in the polls.

(over on Kiwiblog, Mr. Farrar has for about the third time dissed on Trump, making sly Nazi references, and condemning him as desperate. For someone with a reputation as NZ’s best poll guru, he seems remarkably out of touch)

Whereas feminists often talk about breaking the glass ceiling in the workplace, Trump is doing the same thing in politics. Completely wresting the talking points from the vapid MSM and the one party Republican/ Democrat combine that we’ve had to tolerate for far too long.

The Republicans and Democrats have, like most major parties across the West, for too long collaborated with Islam in its mission to subjugate us.

Trump is giving us more choices, and that my friends is what the totalitarian Progressive bastards are really so angry about.

(PS: IMHO, Cruz is still number one.)

29 thoughts on “Donald Trump again sends the political class into a frenzy

  1. Radio Live just read out an letter from a good friend of Trump saying that Trump had crossed a line with the anti Muslim thing. I was amazed at the end that the writer was named as Piers Morgan. Trump needs to pick his friends more astutely.

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    • That was a column that Morgan wrote for some English tabloid. How can he say such things after what he and his ilk have done to the UK?

      Collaborated with Islam in reshaping the social and political landscape of the UK and installing an alternative system of govt. Crushing everything that once made England great underfoot.

      Time traitors like Morgan were dealt to.

      (and typical of those commies at Radio Live to do propaganda for him)


  2. It would appear that the media is turning on trump with a vengeance.

    This will be for his popularity.

    How dare the plebs not pay attention to their B grade propaganda and side shows.

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  3. Of course Donald Trump is just conveying common sense on the Muslim immigration issue. He is like a beacon in calling out the political class and establishment drones. The are petrified of him. When he is attacked by the establishment class, Trump uses attack instead of defense when criticized, thereby staying ahead of the game.


  4. This has nothing to do with the stupid US Constitution,this comes down to common decency and morals.
    Trump should be transported to the nearest facility and under go a through Psychiatric assessment,and if recomended under go a series of electric shock therapy,it may be his only hope.
    Yoy cant ban a whole race of people just because a few of them are murdering lunatics,and i believe they are,but they are in the Minority,look what happened to the Jews in Europe in the 3os and 40s.


      • I dont know,how the bloodly hell would i know the identifing charcteirstics of the Islamic race? all i know is that i dont condone mass murder,and i donr think you do either,so lets work together to foster an era of cooperation and brotherhood and sisterhood , unless you are a racist of course,but surely your not a racist are you? please tell me you are not a racist.


        • @ brickbob

          “I dont know,how the bloodly hell would i know”

          That sums it up well, why don’t you come back when you do know something.


          • I am not a muslim,i am not a christian,i am a human being and i demand you stop vilifying people who dont conform to your views, you are a racist, you are a piece of filth that should ,be eradicated from our society and if i had the power i would eliminate you and your supporters in a heart beat.


  5. The UK Daily telegraph ran an anti Trump item yesterday,top rating comment listed about a dozen negative aspects of Islam. The comment was deleted by their moderator later in the day. The Daily Mail likewise ran an anti Trump itm but its best rated comments by the thousands agreed with Trumps stance,The media are also out of touch with their readers. I see Scotaland Yard also weighed in, unprecedented! Today a few Met cops have said Trump is correct in his views.
    Our media are focusing their attention on Trump and not on our domestic Muslim issues , what a surprise!
    Islam is an ideology that has violently oposed all around it , it is dangerous and should be kept out of the west.


  6. Kowtow- Here are a couple of comments from my Twitter feed that you could possibly feed on to the bunch of National Party progs who dominate Kiwiblog today-

    “People might think I’m racist if I dont like it when gays get hung in Iran”

    “As a committed Secularist, I’m duty bound to defend Theocracy so that ppl will know I’m not racist”

    Then there is this news item, which drives the question, why would progs who demand womens’ “equality” cheer for the Islamization of the West?


  7. To all the bigoted racist scum who fill this site with their distorted view about Muslims,””” I dont condone killing of innocent people in the name of ”””’ Religion”””’ both the Muslims and the christians have murdered millions of people over the last thousand years or so, and why dont you people turn your talents to exposing the filthy Calohic priest
    ‘s and other denomonations who have been rooting children?
    Tony Abbott went to court and defended Nester who was rooting young boys,and you lot remained silent,even after some of these poor unfortunate men commoted sucide’
    I have never heard of a scandal involving Muslims having sex with children,and i dont expect this comment to be published as it hits too close to home about your hero Tony Abbott who defended a vicious child rapist.

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  8. Brickbob-

    “I have never heard of a scandal involving Muslims having sex with children”

    There’s so much you haven’t heard of and so much you “don’t know” I suggest you crawl back under your rock and cease boring readers of this blog with your incoherent uninformed drivel.

    Seriously please, just take it somewhere else.


    • Why are you defending the Catholics and the other Christian people who are saying raping childred is fine?
      So why dont you crawl under your rock and go back to raping children and other George Pell lies,Pell was and is Abbotts mentor after all.
      You people are so funny,you say this site is open to all points of view,butas soon as i disagree with your comments you get your back up
      You and your other right wing nut jobs like Bolt and the other fuckwit Hadley and Price and Paul Murrary will soon be thrown out with the other racist garbage right wing nut jobs ,and Tony Abbott and his mentor George the Pedo Pell will vend up in jail for supporting the rape and torture of innocent children.
      You support Clergy rooting children, I DONT. George Pell is a pedophile,and Abbottt supports him?

      I repeat,why are you supporting Abbbott and Pell and the pedophilies,if it was my child i would hunt you down and kill you.


      • To other readers-

        I want to leave Bickbob’s comments up here because he is such a good example of the deranged people we are facing and who are presently politically ascendant.

        One thing we can give him credit for is being honest about his thoughts and plans.

        Whenever you think you might be able to reason with Liberals/ Progressives, do yourself a favour and come back here and read this comment of his and his other comment above.

        Know thine enemy, and do not be deceived about who and what they really are.


  9. @brickbob – “so lets work together to foster an era of cooperation and brotherhood and sisterhood…”

    *Islam itself* divides the world into Dar al-Islam and Dar al-Harb.
    “Cooperate” your way around THAT, brickbob.

    Not only that, but there are over 500 verses in the Koran that are hateful towards non-Muslims –

    – and over 100 calling on Muslims to wage war against non-Muslims –

    By the way – don’t be fooled into thinking that jihad is just “guns and bombs” – far from it. The most dangerous form of jihad is subversion and undermining of non-Islamic countries –

    Muslims don’t WANT “cooperation”, brickbob. They want *submission*. That is what the word “Islam” *means* – “submission to the will of Allah”.

    Oh, and a nice little quote from Mohammad himself – “war is deception.”

    All of this is the nasty *truth* about Islam and until everyone in the West understands this then Islam will continue to make huge inroads in undermining our society.
    – Martel


  10. A bit off topic but I heard the report on the coroner’s findings into a terrible murder suicide in Auckland some time ago. Some poor depressed bloke killed his ex girlfriend and her boyfriend before killing himself two days later. All terrible of course and clearly the killer was beset with huge emotional issues.

    The press could resist telling us that his church acquaintance’s said he was depressed and very fragile. See, Christianity is to blame for this one off while Islam is not to blame for anything.


  11. Does trump actually have any policies, you know, the things that make government and society work?

    Seems he does

    He will deport all the Hispanics, including the ones he employs. So who will mow his golf courses, change the linen in his hotels and maintain his wigs? The right-leaning American Action Forum estimates it would cost between $US400 billion and $US600 billion to deport the 11 million people without proper documentation and it would take 20 years to accomplish.

    Stopping Muslim Americans from returning after they’ve been overseas? Too bad, there goes Muhammed Ali, Kareem Abdul Jabar, et al.

    Building a wall along the Mexico border? $25 Billion wasted. That’s what it would cost, and keep in mind much of that border area is almost inaccessible now.

    He rails against the loss of American jobs overseas, yet his own line of suits is made in China.

    Trump is a buffoon, a parody of a business man. He claims to be against government regulation of business and to stand for the small business owner, but is not averse to using eminent domain to get his claws on other people’s property, or to going bankrupt to leave other people out of pocket.

    Donald Trump is Sarah Palin with more money and worse hair.


    • “Does trump actually have any policies, you know, the things that make government and society work?”

      Go away Jack.

      I’ve told you before.

      You’re too ignorant to debate with right wingers. Always asking for the information you would already have if you had any average level of intelligence and knowledge.


      • You don’t do reading comprehension very well, do you?

        It was a rhetorical question, that I then went on to answer referencing points from Trump’s policies, policies that are insane, illegal or destructive.

        From the site you reference:

        There must be a wall across the southern border. Yes, I commented on that.

        America fully opened its markets to China but China has not reciprocated.

        Seems I commented on that, too, pointing out Trump’s hypocrisy when his OWN clothing company has outsourced to China.

        Trump is a blowhard who would bankrupt America just as he did to four of his companies.

        He is also a pathological liar, out lying the other pros Carson, Rubio and Cruz.

        Trump said he “watched in Jersey City, N.J., where thousands and thousands of people were cheering” as the World Trade Center collapsed. Never happened.

        Trump tweeted that blacks killed 81% of white homicide victims. Not true, in fact, no where near true.

        Trump claims that he can cut $10 Trillion from taxes and it will be revenue neutral. The cuts to government spending would be so big the economy would tank and take decades to recover.

        Trump said the US-Iran deal forces U.S. to defend Iran if it’s attacked by Israel.

        But here’s the real clincher:

        On Wednesday afternoon, Netanyahu issued a statement disagreeing with Trump’s plan to bar Muslims from the country.

        “Prime Minister Netanyahu rejects Donald Trump’s recent remarks about Muslims,” his office said in a statement on Wednesday. “The State of Israel respects all religions and strictly guarantees the rights of all its citizens. At the same time, Israel is fighting against militant Islam that targets Muslims, Christians and Jews alike and threatens the entire world.”/i>

        Like the spoiled little brat he is, Trump has tossed his toys out of the cot and cancelled his visit to Israel. When you’re too right wing for Bibi, surely you know you have gone to far.


        • “I then went on to answer referencing points from Trump’s policies, policies that are insane, illegal or destructive.”

          You’re so dumb you can’t get the point that nobody really gives a damn what your opinions are.

          You can’t give anything factual or correct, its all just convenient distortions underpinned by scorn. Scorn because the guy challenges your political perceptions, but that is all it is. You have no logic to underpin anything.

          So you’re a communist and you scorn Trump. So what. Think what you like. We don’t want to argue with you, we just want you removed from your current politically ascendant social position. Forever.

          And you will be. If you had a modicum of intelligence you’d know that Trump is only the beginning.


          • I thought there was supposed to be free speech in this country,why are you denigrating and insulting a citizen such as Jack D Ripper for expressing an opinion that does’nt line up with your own?
            You called him dumb and a communist,that is outrageous just because he has a different opinion to you.
            The world is changing my friend,and you know it,the people have had enough of you and your far right loony extremist ideology,and that is why you and Bolt and Abbott and Hadley and what ever equivalent you have in NZ. days are numbered.

            Bernie Sanders and Clinton in the US. Corbyn in the UK, Shorten or Albo in Aust,that Greek guy in Greece,they are all supported by the people,not some Murdoch cabal supported by sycophant Murdoch neo con ares lickers like you and your right wing loony mates.
            Again i respect your right to have an opinion,and i hope you respect my right as well,and why cant we all just work together to ,Oh hang on””’ I am talking to a right wing nut job here’

            Have a safe and happy Christmas, and give my best wishes to Tony,Malcom,Keys, Bishop, Dutton, Howard,and every other stupid insane right wing nut job out there in fantasy la la land.

            ps”””’Dont forget to kill some of those ””’ Heathen”” Muslims over XMAS. i know you will all enjoy it.””””


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