Australian senate hopeful advocates for 10 year hiatus on Muslim immigration

Kirralie SmithAustralian politician Kirralie Smith proposed today a 10-year hiatus on Muslim immigration, saying that Islamic values are “not compatible to our democratic values of freedom.” The comments were made in an interview with Sky News, where Smith promoted her new political party, The Australian Liberty Alliance, which counts ‘the Islamisation issue’ as one of its two key pillars. See Morroco World News

Kirralie is a senate candidate for the newly formed Australian Liberty Alliance. Another senate candidate for the ALA is Bernard Gaynor. From their website- ”

Bernard’s commission as an Army Reserve officer was terminated in 2014 after he highlighted dangerous political correctness in the Australian Defence Force, including the failure to understand the link between Islam and actions of Australia’s battlefield enemies. Even though all investigations cleared Bernard, he still lost his commission. He says this only highlights the urgent need to address political correctness in all areas of Australian society.”

I hope they do well. God knows the Australian political scene desperately needs new blood and any force that fights political correctness.