Clueless Libertarians blame Conservatives for Trump

Craig Biddle over on the misleadingly named “Objective Standard” writes the usual wordy and overblown analysis of Trump’s rise in the Republican party. He blames it on the Conservatives. My reply to his wholly subjective rubbish wasn’t published (of course, I disagreed) so I’m posting it here.

“The Russian Alisa Zinov’yevna Rosenbaum wasn’t even a gleam in her daddy’s eye when the US Constitution was written. Her Stalin-centrist writings full of interminable speeches and self absorbed fantasies were decades too late and ineffective compared to the succinct work of America’s founding fathers.

Trump’s support comes from the anger of those ignorant of the true reason for America’s political condition, which is its gradual detachment from its founding principles.

No true Conservative supports or ever supported the loud mouthed politically confused and erratic New York liberal Donald Trump for POTUS.

Ted Cruz was our man, and his mission was the restoration of the Constitutional Republic after its destruction at the hands of liberals, progressives and atheists who control the Republican and Democratic Parties.

He fought the fight well, and only lost because his own party feared him more than they fear Trump.

Trump is a product of the progressive atheist liberal status quo, and nothing to do with Conservatism.”