Trump facing shortfall in fund raising?

Fred Malek, the finance chair of the Republican Governors Association, said Monday that Donald Trump needed to raise a lot of money fast if he intended to be financially competitive with Hillary Clinton. Malek believes time is running out for Trump to raise the billion dollars he says he needs.

“Now that doesn’t mean that he can’t raise enough to run a good campaign, but he’s gonna fall far short of what Hillary Clinton is going to have. She’s gonna have a huge financial advantage unless he’s prepared to write a very big personal check.”

Trump can’t write a cheque. He’s nowhere near as rich as he claims, and that’s why he won’t release his tax returns.

Then again, will it matter? Trump seems to be gaining in popularity and leading Clinton in some polling.

The Hill refers to a New York Times report over the weekend that said some of the most significant GOP donors continue to resist Trump,.
“There are a number of donors who are holding back,” Malek said. “They want to see more evidence of inclusiveness, of tolerance, of reaching out.”
Well, you know, forget them too. That’s the kind of talk that makes me want to support Trump. The Republican Party needs to be finished off.

One thought on “Trump facing shortfall in fund raising?

  1. Trump was never going to be able to foot it with Clinton in terms of fundraising. She has the benefit of the Big Labor unions. She has the benefit of foreign government contributions, laundered through the Clinton Foundation.

    Trump spent the entire Primary process destroying the GOP. He said anyone who accepts donations is ‘bought and paid for’. Plus, he’s still not the Nominee. So it’s no wonder the money is staying away.

    Balancing that, of course, is the $2 billion in free media he’s had so far, and since he’s not likely to change his basic personality or character any time soon, the free media will continue.

    That said, I’m still not convinced it will be Hillary representing the Dems come November. She may get the required number of delegates. She may even get nominated at the Convention. But have you noticed all the positive press Ash Carter’s been getting these past few weeks? I’m sure the Emperor Barry would far prefer a Carter/Fauxcahontas ticket than Hillary and whichever Clintonista would run with her. I’m still of the opinion that indictments will be handed down before the campaign proper kicks off.


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