Geoffrey Palmer writing Constitution for Aotearoa

Graham Edgeler, on his blog Legal Beagle reports

Last year, the Law Foundation made a $10,000 research grant to former Prime Minister Sir Geoffrey Palmer to write about a New Zealand Constitution. But, after more than one recent government investigation ended in only recommendations to keep discussion alive, he’s going a step further: with Andrew Butler, a partner at law firm Russell McVeagh, he’s working on a draft constitution for Aotearoa New Zealand.

Apparently New Zealand will become a republic and need a new constitution in something like “twenty years” time.

An ex editor of the extreme left Vic University’s Salient magazine, Palmer became the Labour PM after the Lange Douglas fight led to Lange’s resignation, and he was one of the first politicians to support MMP and the RMA. Along with that, he’s basically been a public tit sucker and top level cronyist all of his life.

Just the man we want to write our constitution right?