John Key, Nicky Wagner hack at the roots of our civilisation again!

Nicky Wagner, National Party Minister of Customs and Excise

Western civilisation has been the pre-eminent civilisation on earth for some centuries. But it is in decline, as later generations forget the tenets that made it so successful.

Progressivism has been one of the most destructive forces to ever hit the West, and is responsible for the greater part of our decline. This statement could be disputed by those who would say Nazism or Fascism were much more destructive. My response to this is “Maybe, but at least Mussolini and Adolf were upfront with their strategies, and took up arms, (and were defeated).”

Progressivism is a different force. It slyly converts our citizens into lemmings. It white ants our institutions and turns them against us. It is an insidious evil internal force that works slowly but surely to undo everything that made us great as a civilisation. Its effect is described in this quote from Marcus Tullius Cicero, Roman philosopher and constitutionalist.

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”

John Key and Nicky Wagner fit well into Cicero’s definition, and they’ve been fitting it for some time. If you doubt this, you only need to look at their latest attack on one of the cornerstones of our society, our right as citizens to go about our business free of suspicion-less searches by authorities.

Let me start by saying I am against all suspicion-less searches. From breathalyser road blocks to searches at airports. Not only do I resist these events because they confront our basic tenet of free travel, but also because there are better ways to achieve the intended objectives of stopping drink driving and terrorism. However that’s another story and there is no space for it here.

Today the issue is the NZ Dept of Customs and Excise. These over-powerful degenerative thugs are demanding carte blanche to attack travelers in a way that directly confronts our traditional rights.

Now if we had a real political party running the country, instead of a bunch of useless directionless hacks who sign off on any proposal their bureaucratic underlings recommend, these thugs managing Customs and Excise would be stopped in their tracks. We don’t have such a party. We have John Key’s National Party.

A few blogs have already picked up on this issue, I’m pleased to observe, but if you haven’t seen those articles, here is the gist. Customs and Excise are undergoing a review and as a result have proposed a number of unacceptable changes to the way travelers are treated when they pass through the Dept’s jurisdiction. Here are some screen captures from the document this review has generated.



The above was all generated and approved by Customs management, by bureaucrats within the dept, and by the Minister Nicky Wagner.  All barbarian progressives intent on undermining our society for their own misguided purposes, and apparently completely unaware of what a serious transgression is being committed.

Its fortunate that there was at least some outcry, some whimpering dissent from the citizens, and it was heard, and the state is now proposing changes as outlined in the screen grab below.


National Party blogger David Farrar has described these changes as a “partial victory”. Just what is a partial victory? I guess its the victory you’re having when you’re not really having a victory. If the Minister and her underlings signed off on the original outrageous proposal, what chance is there of it being repaired by the same people? I’d say zero. There will be some wordy alteration made, full of cloudy legal terms, subjective conditions and in the end it will all just be the same.

John Key May 2015 "This govt is going to say to NZ there is a way forward which is progressive & positive"

John Key May 2015 “This govt is going to say to NZ there is a way forward which is progressive & positive”

We know what the situation is, how we are harassed and harried and our traditional rights are contravened every day with increasing frequency and nothing will stop it because our governments and our Ministries are full of the traitors Cicero described above. Ignorant of history Progressives who have not been taught what made our civilisation great and don’t care to know anyway. People who claim to be protecting us from terrorism, but who drag our societies into a gutter that gives the terrorists a victory.

And then these people wonder at the rise of someone like Donald Trump, who for better or worse comes to us because ordinary citizens are utterly fed up with this arrogance and abuse of power and want to lash out at the perpetrators, who just cannot stop with this evil.

Don’t tell me that you vote National over Labour because its the lesser of the two evils. The above events tell me that there is no difference worth consideration.

9 thoughts on “John Key, Nicky Wagner hack at the roots of our civilisation again!

  1. “The above events tell me that there is no difference worth consideration.”

    And there hasn’t been for some time – not since the Labour government made an end-run around National in 1984 and attacked from the right. Labour / National is a difference without a distinction.


  2. I recall the days when the police needed reasonable grounds to stop you. Alas, it wasn’t that long ago – how quickly things shifted.


    • There is really no reason for travelers to be stripped of traditional rights merely because they are crossing borders, especially if it between two similar Western countries, (example Australia & NZ).

      We all know whatever comes from this review it will be a gross abuse of power. We all know that whatever is written in the policy document it will be abused by self important and petty tyrants within Customs.

      Some Customs Officers are fine. Others are pumped up pompous pricks who can’t wait to use their power to humiliate people.

      They have already been abusing power by demanding travelers give passwords to phones and computers when they have no legislative right to make such demands. That’s part of why this review has been carried out.


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  4. Far as I’m concerned if you’re coming or going down the back of a scheduled airline you deserve everything you get and more. If leftists weren’t smuggling in sedition on their phones there’d be no need to search.

    as it is, if you’re in first class or on a private plane, this won’t apply to you. I don’t see what the problem is!


  5. On returning from a weekend trip to Australia to view an amazing exhibition from the Prado in Madrid, we were stopped for no reason by a young metaphorically jackbooted Customs officer. Having established his worst nightmare, that there was no reason to stop us, he scathingly remarked on our brief sojourn in Australia, “It’s okay for some.” with a sneer on his prepubescent, acne vulgaris infested face.

    I wondered why we live in New Zealand and having emigrated once, would readily do so again, that is if we could only identify a more enlightened, relaxed, place where the various branches of what passes for democratic government do not compete with each other to impose rules for no other reason than their evangelical imposition of Cultural Marxism and of course, the mindless justification of their own useless existences. Any suggestions?


  6. There is good reason why we get all of this unnecessary regulation and attack on our privacy. It’s because there are 120 plus members of parliament and hangers on all attempting to justify their existence and ambitions from the backbenches.

    The reality for the overwhelming majority is that they are unemployable, useless and of poor quality intelligence compared to the private sector.

    A very famous (the left would say infamous) Kiwi politician once said to me..”the problem with politicians in parliament is that most of them have nothing of value to offer, they try to make themselves useful and come up with stupid ideas. If they just did nothing, sit back and collect their salaries there would be far less damage”.


    • Government spending sucks up 40% of the New Zealand economy. Tax Freedom Day for us was last Thursday – a month after Australia, the US and the UK.

      Think about that for a second. For every dollar generated by the productive economy, 40 cents of it goes to people who exist to stop people from enjoying their life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. It’s no wonder the stock and bond markets are moribund and the only way people can make money is selling each other houses!


      • Pretty sure it’s bigger than that. All the Schools. Hospitals. Roads. and then there are the State “businesses” TVNZ, Radio NZ the state has got rather more than 40% of all media output in NZ. Housing, state housing is more than 40% of new builds these days! Power companies, the fucking railway, the fucking airline, and biggest of all Fonterra is a state company along with the state “collectives” beef, lamb, venison, kiwifruit, apples and pears… (Ok they’re kolkhoz not sovkhoz, but the point remains: they’re stuff fucking communist).

        So actually we’re looking at more like 80% of NZ’s economy is communist. That’s more than in East Germany or Poland for most of the time under Communism — and then you could at least drink and smoke to your heart’s content.


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