Cultural Marxists finally get control of Top Gear

That was all it was you know, the trouble with Top gear. It was an institution, and all institutions have to be controlled by the left, not by three white boys with “unapproved” non-PC attitudes.

So for years, the Cultural Marxists waged war on the show, and eventually and inevitably, it was surrendered to them. Since when have the BBC ever stood against that force anyway, and it was only the show’s six million loyal viewers that held the commies at bay for so long.

Now they have the diverse show that the Cultural Marxists demanded, it will be interesting to see what happens to viewer numbers. Will they go up, remain the same or go down? Hard call. I’d like to think they would go down, but Cultural Marxism is so deeply ingrained in the UK today, they probably will not.

The first show with the new “diverse” crew screened last night. Most tweets I have seen have been negative, but no doubt the watch tower guards will fight back hard.