Bill Kristol claims Republicans have secret “Independent” candidate

There’s so much to be said about this, if it happens. Most of all, it is what it says about the Republican Party, and their three decades of surrender to the left and the creeping evil of cultural Marxism.

The name I hear most often is Ben Sasse. Kasich and Libertarian Gary Johnson are also frequently mentioned.

One thought on “Bill Kristol claims Republicans have secret “Independent” candidate

  1. Sasse has said he won’t run independent, and Johnson clinched the Libertarian nomination at their Convention this weekend. Johnson is basically a leftist anyway.

    Kasich can’t get a single vote outside of Ohio.

    I think it was Andrew Klavan the other day who said of Kristol that he’s the smartest man he’s ever met who’s always wrong about everything.

    The only thing an independent will do is (finally) break up the GOP. Which #Drumpf has arguably already done. I’ll leave it to your readers to decide whether the death of the GOP is a good thing or a bad thing.


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