Labour- Greens agreement is a feeble meaningless publicity stunt

Really, what is there to say about this event, other than to observe that it highlights how bereft both these parties are of any real and workable policies?

If they want to “work together” why have two parties anyway? And didn’t the Greens sign a similar agreement with the National Party a few years ago?

All the most transparent hogwash, with the NZ MSM complicit in the fraud as usual.

If there is any real motivation for this agreement it is a joint fear of rapidly rising NZ First who would be unwilling to govern in coalition with Labour if Labour insisted upon the Greens sharing power.

Frankly, I think Labour are making a major political mistake in getting too close to these unbalanced lunatics. IMHO there is much for Labour to lose and little to gain. (For example many Green party policies if implemented will result in Labour’s core voters being put out of work.)

If there is any benefit to anyone in this agreement it is to Winston Peters and NZ First, who will receive renewed support from resentful Labour voters who know the Greens are out to kill off their jobs.