Malcolm Turnbull declares Pauline Hanson “not welcome”

Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull clearly does not know what is driving Donald’s Trump’s popularity in the US. Today he presumed to speak for all Australian voters when he so arrogantly deemed anti-multicultural campaigner Pauline Hanson as “not a welcome presence on the Australian political scene”.

I would say he just lost a huge number of votes, and sent an equally huge number to Pauline Hanson.

Turnbull is too much a part of the political class to understand that voters are utterly fed up with this kind of arrogant elitism. It is this frustration with the Turnbulls of this world not hearing and not listening that has led to the rise of Donald Trump.

Turnbull is already failing badly in his mission to beat Labour. He might think in his little progressive/ mainstream media bubble that this statement will help him. I say he is badly wrong.