Corrupt MSM not fazed at Hillary’s zero press conferences

The corrupt Democrat controlled mainstream media says nothing about Hillary’s refusal to hold even one press conference so far this year.

Donald Trump has held at least four full, formal press conferences this year, including one Tuesday, and has fielded questions at length from the flock of reporters covering his campaign on numerous occasions.

Hillary Clinton took questions from the press traveling with her campaign once, in Minnesota in March, but hasn’t held an organized press conference in six months.

Not that it matters much. Even if she did hold a press conference these partisan jackals wouldn’t ask her anything of note anyway. While they hold Trump to the blow torch.

Look how they have stopped asking Clinton to release her speeches, but still harass Trump over his tax returns.

There is no real democracy when the media is so corrupted by Democratic operatives claiming to be journalists. I so despise these cowardly bastards.