Left smear charter schools with false allegations

ScreenShot108Left wing education activists don’t like charter schools. When they are successful, like Vanguard charter school is successful, the left wingers make up stuff to discredit this success.

Vanguard’s successes are annoying hell out of the left, so they’ve manufactured the story that this success is down to the “cherry picking” of students. In other words, Vanguard won’t take difficult or poorly performing students because to do so would put their good record at risk.

The school has reacted to this misinformation and put the record straight. The school caters for around 140 students. A spokesman states-

We have kept statistics on our students. In our 3 years of existence we have enrolled 83 students who were not attending any school, 91 students who had previously been stood down or suspended and 15 expelled students. The policy requires us to accept all and therefore there is no ability to cherry pick.

So clearly Vanguard school takes a reasonable percentage of “difficult” students. The cherry picking” allegation is just typical lying left wing propaganda.

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