A Workable Compromise on ABC

abcOK. I despise the idea of compromise. But on this issue, in utter desperation, and in lieu of any better solution, I’ll settle for it.

The passing of time, decades actually, and the parade of politicians over that time, has shown one thing quite clearly. The ABC is untouchable. Although it frequently shows utter contempt for the terms of its charter, and clearly despises around half of the taxpayers who support it, and these breaches of legislation and morality provoke copious criticism, the ABC never pays any real penalty.

Year after year after year, it not only keeps on but gets progressively worse. Something must be done but what? Here’s my idea, my compromise.

Make the ABC strictly news. This will satisfy the left’s synthetic argument that an alternative broadcaster should exist. I don’t agree, but let them have that. At least until someone comes along with the will and the guts to shut the whole thing down.

There is actually no good rational argument for having the taxpayer fund the broadcasting of political opinion as entertainment.

In fact the logic that underpins this view is much stronger than the argument for closing the ABC altogether.

The ABC can exist as a news network servicing remote communities. It can exist as a public service assisting in matters of public emergency, such as bush fires and floods. It can bring us perceived “quality news” as opposed to sensationalist rubbish and paid advertising that passes as news on free to air broadcasters. It can broadcast the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Bin such biased garbage as “Insiders”. “The Drum”. “The Seven Thirty Report”. “Four Corners”. All such programs, heavily influenced by the political partisanship of their presenters, and well worth the descriptor of “fake news”, should go.

The ABC can operate around the clock on a cycle of local, national and international news. Presented completely objectively as it used to be presented decades ago. If viewers want entertainment and political opinion, they will need to seek it elsewhere.

It is essential that the Australian national broadcaster is torn free from the clutches of the Marxist/ Progressive cabal who have controlled it for too long. Sure, there might be a weak case for a national broadcasting service as I have outlined above, but there is absolutely no case for a bunch of far left zealots to capture the ABC and run it as their personal propaganda agency.

The Liberal/ National coalition needs new leadership, it needs firm political direction and it needs to win an election completely and decisively. Once it achieves these milestones, fixing the ABC has to be its immediate priority. The strategy I suggest above has to be a workable solution, for it undermines the left’s main objections, and simultaneously removes the ability of those who presently control it to pursue their insidious left wing agenda.

Democracy doesn’t work when left wingers have a huge taxpayer funded budget to press their views and there is by comparison no alternative outlet expressing contrary views. At least not by any means as large as the ABC has at its disposal. Australia does not have a pluralistic democracy, its basically a one party state, with battling left wing leadership factions in Labor and Liberal. (Turnbull refuses to appear on the Bolt Report)

This has to change. It won’t unless the ABC propagandists are brought to heel.

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8 thoughts on “A Workable Compromise on ABC

  1. Can’t see anything changing any time soon.

    Remember 90% of the news is just bullshit.

    We watch it because it entertains us.

    More and more people are now getting the real news unfiltered from the internet.

    The problems for Governments around the World is how to control the content.


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  3. The current ABC program schedule on News24 makes me angry with way too much emphasis on minority groups as victims of so called “big bad white men”.
    Examples of these minority groups are indigenous peoples, victims of pedophilia, illegal refugees, career oriented feminists, invasion of Iraq… the list goes on.. the crap from the ABC always paints this as “big bad white men” caused all their problems. All one sided views from these minority groups… and they have the unbelievably arrogant gall to proclaim they are balanced in their views??

    Their current existence is such an insult to intelligent thinking people!


  4. The problem is structural: government radio, government TV just like government schools and government hospitals cannot but inculcate communism*. Merely by existing, all their staffers are paid by government (i.e. taxpayers) so they know they’ll keep their jobs and that those jobs depend on more government money being ripped from taxpayers.

    That’s why the only approach to government media (like government schools, hospitals prisons and all the rest) must be absolute, implacable, opposition.

    *the ironic fact that in NZ, the only broadcaster to ever tackle Key’s communism by stealth, and the total failure of his Prime Ministership to make any effective changes whatsoever was Radio NZ is neither here nor there.


  5. It doesn’t seem to matter what side of politics is in power, the ABC, at least for the last decade has been leaning towards lefty idealism and talking up minority groups more than ever.
    They are at the point with current affairs, news coverage etc that sounds like a broken record, the same old minority groups keep getting promoted over and over again… its utterly sickening, at least we can turn them off or turn it over to another station, channel.


  6. I have to completely disagree with you on this one entirely. Putting them in charge of news only would be to suggest that the news that they CHOOSE to report, as well as the details that they choose to withhold, would be somehow more credible since it’d be their only focus.

    No, as a parent, I believe that the ABC should focus on only children’s programs and, to save money, would cease broadcasting altogether between 9pm and 6am. Sound harsh? Damn right it should.

    Remember, the biggest lie ever sold to the public is not that the ABC is impartial (it isn’t), it’s that the different channels on the television and newspapers in print represent Left and Right separately: they don’t. It’s all left leaning, just some are just ‘right’ enough to convince you they’re not left.


    • The internet breaks all that traditional media coverage as to being either left of right learning… freedom of choice is a wonderful thing isn’t it?
      The last 30 years of communications revolution has changed the world forever.


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