Marvelly- paid for endless childlike whining.

elizabeth-marvellyHad a brief look at the Weekend Herald today, while looking for a particular article mentioned on Twitter. What a load of absolute drivel that newspaper is. Full of uninformed opinion and misleading fake news. I can’t believe anyone would pay money for such trash, and I don’t think the Herald management believes it either as they still haven’t yet set up the paywall they were talking about a year or so ago.

There’s nothing worse to be read in the Weekend Herald than the endless whining of their chief Cultural Marxist, the no talent over-confident spoilt brat Lizzie Marvelly.

Marvelly, in spite of living the most sheltered of lives, must find Western culture and civilisation an unbearable trial, given that all she ever does, in true Critical Theorist style, is complain and bitch and find fault. Leaving aside the discombobulated and vapid writing style. The idiots at the Herald actually pay her for that?

And she complains about the most trifling crap. Why doesn’t some woman with a brain at the Herald (Fran?) tell her to shut the hell up before she destroys woman’s credibility for all time.

This weekend she’s critical of “oldies” (that’s plus 40) because “young” people are not voting and they’re not in parliament. Hey Marvelly you insipid no talent imbecile, if “young” people don’t vote or are not in parliament, its down to no one else but themselves.

And if you’re representative of them, the rest of us can be damn grateful they’re nowhere near the reins of power. I don’t think you are representative. At least I really hope you’re not. I know millennials are bad, but honestly, if they’re all as FITH head as you then things are far worse than I ever imagined.