Childlike BBC interviewer humiliated by Trump Aide

This interview is well worth a view given that Sebastian Gorka delivers an excellent appraisal of the MSM and what they just will not get, in that the public are not with them as they believe, and that consequently it does not matter a damn whatever bigoted biased infantile opinions they express.

The BBC interviewer opens the discussion by labeling Trump “unhinged” and for him its all down hill from that point forward. He repeats every exaggerated and distorted MSM cliche in his futile attempts to regain ground, but Mr. Gorka is in front of him every time.

Its so good to see these charlatans fakes and cowards posing as journalists getting what they’ve had coming for so long. Let’s hope it gets a lot worse for them, enemies of the people that they are. Their time is over.

Sebastian Gorka is the real deal. Its no effort for him to make mincemeat of these piffling liberal media children.