Kim Dotcom finding somewhat confusing

dotcom-in-courtSo the FBI cannot extradite Kim Dotcom over any copyright issue. Apparently offending against NZ copyright law is not a sufficiently high level crime to allow extradition. In other words, the NZ law does not place copyright offences at the same level as American law.

However, the other offences the US wants to charge Dotcom with do have equally serious laws in NZ. Those offences, as far as can be made out, being conspiracy to defraud and money laundering.

So the judge allowed extradition on these two alleged crimes.

However, what makes things a bit murky is that the basis of the fraud and money laundering charges was copyright infringement. Given that its not a crime, how then can Dotcom be convicted on alleged offences that depend upon it being a crime?

Dotcom is appealing the judgement and with the complexity of the finding on the copyright issue now added to the mix, in my estimate there’s at least a chance he could get off everything on appeal.

The SWAT / FBI raid on Kim Dotcom’s family residence was one of the worst instances of unjustified force ever seen in New Zealand. The case against Kim Dotcom is tainted by cronyism and corruption. Hollywood donors to the Democrat party put pressure on Obama to act. Without this, Hollywood would have had to sue Dotcom for loss of earnings.

Instead we have NZ and US taxpayers footing the bill, and the Democrat Party continues to receive the financial blessings of the progressives and liberals who dominate Hollywood and pay ridiculously unwarranted salaries to communist subversives like Merryl Streep.

The FBI prosecution has continually engaged in underhand and bullyboy tactics that make it almost impossible for Dotcom and the other accused to finance their defence. Why are these tactics necessary if the charges are sound?

Its fashionable of the so called right in NZ to deride Dotcom. My view is the law is the law, and no matter that Dotcom has thrown his hat into the left wing political corner, there but for the grace of God go you or I readers. And if it was by misfortune either of us, we would want the law followed.

The whole thing as it stands now though is the most laughable crock, and Kim Dotcom just might end up having the last laugh.