Julie “Kardashian” Bishop shows her true allegiance is to UN global govt

I don’t know how smugness became the prime characteristic of politicians, but Julie “Kardashian” Bishop, aka the cockroach of Canberra, has it in spades. With her endless self satisfied expression, and a media presence that emphasizes her elitist Hollywood and global political connections, she does not seem to give a damn that so much of what she says and does runs counter to the ideas of so many Liberal Party supporters.

Here’s an example. A flowery statement from her web site that arrogantly diminishes Australia’s sovereignty and pushes for one world rule by the corrupt and communist controlled United Nations.


Julie Bishop betrayed Tony Abbott and was a key player in installing Malcolm Turnbull as Prime Minister. An act that has virtually destroyed the Liberal Party and will most likely see their defeat at the hands of Labor and Bill Shorten next election.

She appears to lead a lavish lifestyle underpinned by a casual unconcern for the fact that it is all taxpayer money, using govt jets when the need to do so is only weakly justified. Almost as if they’re her own personal planes.

Expenditure within her Ministry appears to follow the same casual pattern. While the Treasurer publicly advocates for caution in govt spendinge, Foreign Minister Bishop signs off on all kinds of reckless extravagances, including taxpayer funding of expensive trips abroad by subversive Muslim media propagandists. How unaware of public sentiment can she get?

Time for this treacherous self aggrandizing leech to get out of Australian politics. Not likely to happen though while Turnbull leads the Liberals. When the Liberals act to end their misery they need to kill two birds with one stone. Remove Turnbull and get rid of the Deputy PM also.

With a record of betrayal of leaders and taxpayers, and a political allegiance more aligned to global socialist power networks rather than Australian sovereignty, Bishop has been one of the worst Liberals of all time.

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