Fascism- Left have short memories

The left are all over the media of late warning us that Donald Trump is a fascist. They know this because they’ve seen the signs of a fascist in his rhetoric.

Either they have short memories, or as Mr Trump says, they are very dishonest. If they can tell a fascist by words and deeds, why were these people silent during Obama’s presidency? When all the evidence was out there in plain sight.

Exhibit 1. School kids being taught odious chants in reverence to Barrack Hussein Obama, much in the manner of Hitlerjugend, or the Hitler Youth who grew into Brownshirts, Gestapo and SS agents.

Exhibit 2. Obama signifying his intention to build a civilian army. Accountable to himself alone. Stalin’s Bluecaps reincarnate. Notice the applause. Imagine the outcry if Trump had even hinted at such an event.

Exhibit 3. This group of guys is the manifestation of the idea Obama speaks of in the video above. Yes, an actual militant military style group pledging fervent allegiance to Obama. Just like Hitler’s SS troops. Remember the left’s outcries over this? I don’t either.

So all of these events drew no warning from the left of impending fascism. No. They were as quiet as lambs. The people accusing Trump of fascism today are either deliberate liars and propagandists or they’re insane. Either way, they are a much greater danger to democracy than Trump will ever be.