John McCain identified as leaker and eavesdropping on Trump calls

john-mccain-lindsey-grahamA number of sources are claiming that John McCain has been fingered by White House investigators as eavesdropping on Trump calls, and distributing transcripts to the media.

The detail is sketchy right now, but if true would mean the end of McCain’s political career. A career that should have ended soon after it started.

John McCain’s public image has slowly shifted from war hero to leftist appeaser. Known years ago for his “reach across the aisle” philosophy, he’s lately drifted right into enemy territory and is now an open adversary of President Trump.

McCain has always suffered considerable personal criticism during his 35+ years in politics, but in the last decade it has increased quite remarkably. His war hero status has been questioned on the grounds he collaborated with his captors in Vietnam. He made radio recordings which were broadcast by the Vietcong propaganda machine. Some vets who were in POW camps with McCain call him “Songbird”.

It is claimed he was an irresponsible flier who often put his fellow Naval pilots at risk, but received favourable treatment because his father was an Admiral.

He is also reported to have been unkind to his first wife, who was seriously injured in a car accident while McCain was in Vietnam. He divorced her upon returning home and married his present wife, who came from a very well off family.

McCain is reported to have abused his second wife badly in public, using the worst of profanities one could direct at a woman, and has never denied it when asked about it.

He has been accused of arming ISIS in Syria by means of misguided attempts to control the conflict.

If these reports are all true, then it seems like McCain has the personality traits that would easily enable him to betray the President.

Removal of McCain from the Senate should see him automatically replaced by another Republican.