Race Commissioner smears our forefathers with re-writes of history

devoySusan Devoy already has form, but in her quest to drive racial and cultural division in New Zealand, she seems undeterred by past mistakes.

Fresh from her latest assault on freedom of expression, (her demand for hate speech laws), she has caused friction in the Bay of Plenty and Waikato with her race based re-writes of New Zealand history.

She recently claimed that during the Maori wars, Crown soldiers were guilty of an atrocity in the Waikato village of Rangiaowhia. Her claim was that

“women and children who sought shelter in a local church were locked inside and the church burnt to the ground.”

This is an horrendous claim and a terrible smear upon the Crown soldiers. Especially as its most likely not true.

Tauranga resident Chris Lee complained to the Human Rights Commission on the quite fair grounds that Devoy’s repetition of such false information would cause racial disharmony. In his complaint, Mr. Lee included evidence from the April 6 1864 edition of the NZ Herald, that stated the two churches in Rangiaowhai were still standing after the battle. Other historians have corroborated this evidence.

He was told in a letter from the HRC that Susan Devoy would not be retracting her words. When contacted by Sun Live newspaper for a comment, Susan Devoy said

“the more people know about what went on at places like Rangiaowhai and Gate Pa the better”.

Only if it is the truth Susan Devoy. And if the truth is unclear, maybe you should just exercise a bit of caution and not be so willing and eager to spread racial and cultural division.

There is an account of this event on the blog Breaking Views, sourced from both Maori and Pakeha participants in the battle. No such massacre of woman and children by being deliberately burnt to death in a locked church ever occurred. The allegation is nothing but an evil fabrication and it is an absolute disgrace that a person on the taxpayer payroll can speak such divisive socially damaging and racist untruths.

The liar Susan Devoy would be sacked if we had any real justice in New Zealand, and a government that wasn’t just a weak cowering far left entity more interested in pandering to separatists and racists than truth.

The nasty, vindictive anti-white propagandising Devoy and her destructive dept exist only with the National Party’s blessing.

Remember this when you cast your vote in the upcoming election.

Full story in Sunlive

3 thoughts on “Race Commissioner smears our forefathers with re-writes of history

  1. She has been sucked in by the Waikato Maori guy by the name of Omalley ? who wrote a book recently where he misrepresented what happened.
    I discussed it with Mike Butler, the historian that writes articles for nzcpr.com
    I think Mike has written about the true account, maybe on nzcpr.
    For Devoy to be so easily duped doesn’t surprise me but it is unacceptable that she does not seek the truth .


    • Thanks your for your most interesting information on this issue John. As a result of your comment I researched the issue further and found an excellent account of what happened at this url


      I have updated the post accordingly. The claim of women and children being burnt in a locked church is a complete fabrication and Devoy should be fired on the spot for willingly propagating such revisionist rubbish. That the Nat govt allows her to spread this false and divisive poison is completely unacceptable.


  2. I heard the interview with Vincent O’ Malley on a Radio Live Sunday show with Graeme Hill.
    Was pretty wound up listening to what was stated by O’malley and this will be the account Devoy has heard or read.
    The book is still featured there on Radio Live.


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