Mt Albert- Voters say “Thanks, but no thanks”

mt-albertLabour are trumpeting their win in yesterday’s Mt Albert by election as an achievement. Well it is, in that they at least had the guts to run a candidate, and their horse won. But as a significant event showing that Labour are increasingly popular, no, it does not show that.

People stayed away from this election in droves.

Famous political commentator Bryce Edwards (see side bar) tweeted a graph this morning showing just how bad the turnout was, with 77% of electors choosing not to vote.

Which means there is an untapped mine of voters in Mt Albert and probably the rest of NZ just waiting for something different to come along. Why don’t the polls show this? Because as has been said before, the polls, they way they are run, just cannot give us the full and accurate picture.

The Green National Socialist Party know they can’t meet the demand for something new, which is why they didn’t run a candidate. NZ’s latest flash in the political pan is Gareth Morgan’s Opportunities Party, and their vote was way down. Showing they’re not what the voters are looking for.

Hardly surprising given the political incoherence of Morgan and his policies. What is this guy? Some kind of Jim Jones David Koresh religious messiah? No he’s not of course, but his policies seem completely adrift as to where NZ should be, and he’s not remotely interested in the Conservative goal of small unobtrusive govt. Mt Albert decided to forego the opportunity of Gareth Morgan and so will most of NZ in the next election.

Other new parties were treated with the same disdain. No one it seems has anything that will make Mt Albert get off its arse and vote.

Just maybe, amongst a field of miserable waffling progressive socialist look-alike invertebrates, they’re waiting for a real option- New Zealand’s own Donald Trump.