Marvelly’s lack of self awareness typical of brainwashed millennials

Who could have guessed that Lizzie Marvelly’s NZ Herald column on Saturday would deal with the earth shattering issue of transgender bathrooms. Suddenly this is a matter that transfixes the whole western world, and natch, Lizzie is right there, flying the flag with the usual inebriated enthusiasm.

The issue of transgender bathrooms is driven by the same old divisive forces, the global progressives who whether they are core believers or dupes like Lizzie, are following Alinsky’s rules to the letter. Alinsky would say, “The first step in community organization is community disorganization.” That’s why we’re suddenly getting all of these socially confronting issues thrust upon us by the left and their unknowing or knowing disciples.

In a column as tedious as it is wrong, there’s one glaringly laughable assertion. Lizzie is annoyed that a young girl (Laura) siding with Family First has stated, in a perfectly sane manner, that she does not want guys with mental disorders entering girl’s bathrooms. Here’s what Lizzie said about this serious transgression of progressive speech and thought laws-

“I am a staunch advocate for amplifying young women’s voices, but I also believe teens deserve the right to formulate their own views and opinions without the pressure of voicing them in a conservative lobby group’s controversial campaign that they may or may not agree with in the future.”

This made me scoff. Here is one of the most sad brainwashed little jerkoffs in the NZ media complaining about another girl being influenced by a pressure group? How could anyone be so lacking in self awareness?

By being a progressive of course. They’re brainwashed lemmings who can’t countenance anyone thinking or speaking differently, and this sad affliction remains completely invisible to them. Because they have been directed in what to think and say by a politically corrupt education system controlled by FITH left wing academics. Like this one here.

Its so refreshing to see a girl like Laura as yet unaffected by their brainwashing and unlike poor sad Lizzie  still able to voice her own opinions. Outside the crippling suffocating Berlin wall around speech and thought that Lizzie and her ilk are trying to build.

Lizzie Marvelly needs to apologise to Laura for the cowardly smears she levels at her in her newspaper column. Its not brave to swim with the tide Lizzie. Laura has more guts than you and all of progressive NZ has in their combined little fingers. Celebrate her courage you despicable lemming.

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