Abbott backstabbers, the 35 who remain

Posted here for public reference, and to help you in choosing where to put your vote in the upcoming election. The still surviving 35 MPs and Senators of the 53 (+ Turnbull) who voted to show their contempt for the choice of the electorate, and replace Tony Abbott with Malcolm Turnbull.







6 thoughts on “Abbott backstabbers, the 35 who remain

  1. While you may be correct (I’m not sure about Abbott) I keep thinking part of the problem is that most politicians are just so stupid they trip over themselves and lose their way at the smallest opportunity. An example is UKIP’s new poster boy who has wrecked much of the good work Farage did by being or acting like an idiot. What is wrong with these people who want to govern in that they have no idea how to keep their noses clean? Its darned depressing.


  2. Yes it is depressing for Australasia that we have two dripping wet socialist prime ministers who really do not deserve to be there.

    The thing is Abbott and Hockey were actually hitting the targets that they had set themselves when they were knifed in the back. It was a scum media party beat up and gutless wimps that got Turnbull over the line.

    An Abbott government working towards emulating the anti globalist policies of a Trump administration would have been much better for all of us. Now that Trump is there he makes Abbott look substandard though I have to say.

    Turnbull does not stand for anything conservative, let alone the policies Trump is moving to implement so he has to go. The media want him there because he is just like Shorten, so they won’t be pushing for Abbott or anyone conservative.


  3. Abbott mightn’t be as dynamic as Trump but by gee he achieved a lot while in power, with no recognition, just people like Savva and Marr bagging him completely. Turnbull is a nothing just there for prestige and power. Abbott loves his Country and was fighting for it and still is. Turnbull ignores Australians in favour of Moslems and panders to them while also throwing our tax money at them, despite so many Aussies needing help. Shame on you Turnbull, it’s past time for you to go before you do any more damage to Australia.


  4. This is getting serious. Frydenberg may be a good bloke, but the emerging high cost energy policy will destroy industries and our kids futures.
    Corey seems to be making headway, why not a new coalition of Nationals, Conservatives and those Liberals who are opppsed to the “moderates” policy?
    Should at the very least gain control of the senate without the influence of greens or independents like Lambie and Hinch.


  5. Can you please do a list of who voted for Abbott and who voted for Turnbull in the 2009 leadership spill as Abbott only won by one vote. Also the results of the 2008 spill will be interesting because I believe if the Liberals stayed with Nelson then we will not be in mess that we are in today.


  6. Any chance you can rearrange the cephalopods above into their respective states? Makes it easier for people to see the morons that got ticketed in.


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