Drain the swamp- The arrogance of the socialist bureaucracy

Whereas progressive politicians are seen as the main force destroying the west, it doesn’t rest there. Similarly misguided political operatives are ensconced deep within our govt depts and they’re not subject to election. They remain there basically for as long as they want to. Unaccountable to the public, they write and give life to the regulations and laws that are slowly poisoning capitalism and bringing the West to its economic knees.

Politicians seem unable to control these bureaucrats. Here’s an excellent example. Note the contempt and arrogance of Immigration Head Michael Pezzullo as he brushes aside important questions from Senator Malcolm Roberts, and offers him rude and patronising advice.

Senator Roberts showed amazing patience in the way he dealt with this rudeness and arrogance, but really, something needs to be done to make people like Michael Pezzullo accountable to the voters.

We don’t just need to clean out our current crop of political parties, we need to clean out the bureaucracies as well. Elect politicians who will do something to bring this unelected arrogant blood sucking swill to heel.

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