Trump protestors- the sad reality the MSM continues to conceal

This video, and so many others like it, proves Trump protesters are mainly communists. They’re uneducated, they’re incoherent, and they’re ignorant. Worse, they’re violent, they’re cowards and they would like to be intimidating.

These are all the things you need to be to be a communist anyway. If you’re educated, (truly educated and not just indoctrinated as most millennials are) and you have a double digit IQ, and you have a reasonable grasp on civil behaviour and the history of the west, if you can do maths, you reject the proven delusional idiocy of communism.

So, millennials processed in the corrupt training grounds bearing the misnomer “universities” are stripped of the ability to reject communism, and turned into ignorant jack booted soldiers for the cause. (Note the blonde girl. So stupid its painful.)

This is nothing more than cultism. Far worse than Scientology and other such organisations.

Watch this video and weep for what is being done to the west’s youth on universities campuses owned and controlled by creeping cowardly communist subversives posing as educators.

Grateful to Infowars for doing the real reporting the corrupt MSM refuses to do.