Paper advises potential house buyers on ethnicity of Auckland suburbs

A Chinese owned and produced property buyer’s paper has published an article that lists the ethnic percentages of each Auckland suburb.

Clearly the idea is to inform potential buyers of the racial makeup of the areas they might be considering buying property in. Here’s a Google translation of the opening paragraph

Recently, there are many friends who want to buy a house will follow the garden Xiaobian consultation Auckland city of the situation, in addition to housing quality, school district, price, location and infrastructure and other factors, we all The most concerned about is the population of the city statistics – especially the proportion of ethnic groups.

The article contains a series of tables listing Auckland suburbs. The residents are divided into five groups, European, Asian, Islanders, Maori and others, and the tables list the percentage of each group living in the given suburb. Here’s part of a table for Auckland’s more central suburbs:



What’s the idea of this article and these tables? Obviously its to give Chinese buyers some facts on the racial makeup of the listed suburbs, so as to allow them to buy in an area populated by races they might see as either welcoming or troublesome.

One wonders what NZ’s PC brigade would have to say if an English publication had provided this information.