Labor win in West Australia election means unions will dominate

On Sky News last night, expelled Liberal Party member Ross Cameron explained why a win by Labor will place the state in the hands of militant left wing unionists. While Colin Barnett and the WA Liberals are pretty hopeless, it has to be a mistake to allow Labor’s anti-business union goons to take over. The union domination will be complete and as any business owner knows, a dangerous threat to freedom and enterprise.

In the video Ross gives a funny and illuminating expose of just how much control WA Unions have over the Labor Party.

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3 thoughts on “Labor win in West Australia election means unions will dominate

  1. Even though I’m not a WA resident, this is going to be an interesting election!
    Personally, I hope conservative side wins though… which party of that flavor? I’d prefer one nation but not sure if the electorate over there is angry enough with the 2 major parties yet.

    Whatever the case, WA is unique state compared to rest of OZ.


  2. Hanson made a mistake I think by aligning herself with the Liberals. A move that put a big dent in her status as an outsider.

    James Ashby is her campaign director. I think he’s major problem. (Look him up, in connection with ex-speaker Peter Slipper)


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