Fox News Tucker Carlson produces 25% increase in advertising rates over Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly was a liberal. A progressive. A Hillary Clinton supporter. Not a rebel, but a whitebait swimming with the shoal.

Fox did not renew her contract when it expired and instead hired Tucker Carlson to fill the time slot. In his first two weeks on the air, Tucker Carlson Tonight’s ratings were up 37 percent in total viewers and 50 percent in the 25-54 demo compared to The Kelly File.

The increased ratings allowed FOX to charge more for advertising on Tucker Carlson Tonight. A 30 second commercial now costs $13537 compared to about $10660 on the Kelly File.

Why do the MSM persevere with Megyn Kelly clones when viewers don’t like them, they can’t draw the same amount of viewers, and they therefore produce a reduced amount of advertising revenue? Extreme left media personalities (for example Lizzie Marvelly) are old and tired to the viewing public.

It is only due to the hiring preferences of NZ’s closeted left wing media companies that such bores keep getting hired, but its amazing really that management can’t seem to see the damage such policies do to their bottom line.