Rowan Dean- Modern Feminism is about putting white men on the scrap heap

Not every woman subscribes to Feminism, and whereas some have always resisted that Marxist driven concept, it is pretty plain today that its increasingly falling out of favour. One can feel an accelerating swing of the pendulum in the opposite direction. Smart women are awakening to the fact its really just another destructive far left social fallacy.

Nevertheless, Feminists have worked hard to entrench themselves in the public service in particular, and have been aided in this strategy by indoctrinated progressive males.  (as Rowan points out in his rant below). Even if the swing back to normal has started, there is still a long long way to go.

In Australia, the public broadcaster ABC, a nest of Marxists both male and female, is planning a special event for International Women’s Day tomorrow. All male presenters have been told to stay home and women will take their place.

This is a move that has so much wrong with it, its hard to believe its happening. Patronising, demeaning and tokenish for women is just the beginning. Its a measure of just how deeply our societies have sunk into the insane Progressive mire.

Rowan Dean had a good rant about the issue on Sky News last night. Please watch it. Some may think Rowan is exaggerating things a bit. Maybe so, maybe not. There are many men who probably think he hasn’t gone far enough, because they’ve experienced what he is talking about first hand.

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3 thoughts on “Rowan Dean- Modern Feminism is about putting white men on the scrap heap

  1. My dictionary tells me there are total of 14 different meanings of the word “equal” . BUT essentially they all arrive at the same conclusion, pity this is ignored by old school feminists in their race for superiority. However lately I have heard younger feminists with a leaning towards the essence of that word “equal”.

    As a middle aged man, I live in hope!


  2. Hi Redbaiter,
    Well it’s pretty hard to find female partner who isn’t aware of feminism and it’s supposed empowerment of women over men. So if your heterosexual, good luck in the dating scene if single!
    Yes, interpersonal politics rears it’s ugly head in today’s adult relationships, hence why so many single middle aged guys living on there own. Probably much same with heterosexual women of similar age bracket, either that or they are nearly forever on dating websites constantly having short term affairs…


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