Progressives at Whaleoil can’t wait to smear new Conservative party leader

The Conservative Party’s new leader took the brave step of an AMA on Reddit yesterday. The forum is pretty much a far left echo chamber and Leighton Baker’s AMA session therefore went about as well as you would expect.

The session was summed up well by one of the few commenters who wasn’t a brainwashed moronic Marxist when he posted this-

Wow, I came here to to ask Leighton a few serious questions as a young conservative/libertarian voter only to find the comment’s swamped by idiotic leftist groupthink, trolling and over emotional anecdotes. New Zealand really is a lost cause when you can’t even have a productive conversation without being derailed by people with no concept of independent thought.

A perfect description of the event. Whereas Baker’s judgement could be questioned in choosing to front up on a site frequented by idiots, it was still a useful exercise in respect of perhaps more sane observers, in that it provided quite an interesting picture of the new leader and his ability to deal with difficult questions.

Of course Cameron Slater and the crew of progressive stooges over at the Whaleoil blog couldn’t wait to stick the boot in. If you read this Leighton, don’t ever forget Slater is the enemy of Conservatives and has proved this frequently. He attacks not only the Conservative Party at every opportunity but also Family First, Bob McCrosky or anyone who doesn’t comply with what he perceives as currently cool Progressive group think.

If the CP ever thinks about hiring Slater or his progressive mates as “consultants” they should give themselves a good crack over the head and forget it. Slater has a fairly weak and fast dwindling “insider” status that exists only because of his father’s long relationship with the National Party and apart from a few minor victories over the hopeless Labour Party has nothing except a string of silly spiteful personal battles (Bloomfield) and failed business endeavours to his name.

Leighton, a builder by trade, did quite well considering the hostile environment, but really, he needs to get better arguments in respect of so many issues, like the following-

drug legalisation and the “war” on drugs, homosexual “marriage”, the anti-smacking law, and euthanasia.

Brainwashed Cultural Marxists frequently claim that opposition to the progressive viewpoint on these issues confronts what they call freedom, but this is vacuous nonsense and easily rebutted. Leighton should be reading Peter Hitchens as probably one of the easiest and best places to start.