Opportunities Party as loony as the Greens

The absurd idea that Gareth Morgan offers a political choice similar to Donald Trump looks even more idiotic when one looks at the Opportunities party’s Climate Change policies. While Trump acknowledges man made climate change is a con, and is busy defunding those areas of govt that study it, Gareth Morgan is full steam ahead with a range of measures that almost make the Greens look sane.

Morgan wants-

  • to ensure NZ is 100% carbon free by 2050. Whatever enormity of change that might entail.
  • to implement a more detailed and fiscally punishing carbon tax
  • to ensure investment policies are tailored to reducing CO2 generation (for example rail and shipping will be given priority over roads)
  • to implement congestion charges and spend the money on public transport

On top of this lunacy, Morgan is also in a panic over sea level rises. Quote:

..some communities such as South Dunedin will be impacted by sea level rise within our lifetime. A large disaster, far greater than the Christchurch earthquake is looming. This however is completely predictable, and as The Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment recommends we need to discuss this issue now so that individuals, local authorities and government are all fully aware of their rights and responsibilities.

These lunatic policies demonstrate that Morgan is a complete dupe in terms of climate change and is apparently determined to avoid all the evidence that says it is not happening. Claimed sea level rises for example are not even remotely within the margin of error of the measuring devices. Furthermore the massive and costly changes he wants to make to our living styles and our economy will have no effect on the world’s climate.

How the hell can he call his organisation the Opportunities Party?

Like every other socialist demagogue out there, Morgan is flat out scare mongering on this issue only to justify his need for big powerful govt, more taxes, and a level of interference in everyone’s life that will be completely intolerable. The only opportunities that might arise under his influence will be for  bureaucrats and regulators to increase their leaching off and crippling of the productive sector.

Here’s Gareth Morgan in Nth Korea bowing to a statue of murderous tyrant Kim Il-Sung. One wonders if this is where Morgan sourced his invasive and controlling political ideas.

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3 thoughts on “Opportunities Party as loony as the Greens

  1. I once had a lot of time for Gareth Morgan. Sadly, money and fame seems to have corrupted his judgment and now he is just another misguided Marxist. His biggest flaw however is his inability to allow his detractors fair and unfettered criticism of his ideas.


  2. Wow! , That is one ugly MFer , he’s insane , someone please set up a honeypot for this fool and post a hidden sex tape video on face book, the day before election day.


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