No tax cuts show Nats all about polling not principles

Here’s how the Nat’s policy strategy works. When an issue arises, they go look at  their founding principles. Then they work out a solution to the issue that aligns with these principles.  Then they formulate an argument to present to the voters. An argument that explains what needs to be done and why, and how it conforms to the aforementioned founding principles.  The public are convinced by the arguments, and go on to support the proposed solution.

Utter bullshit of course.

Here’s what the Nats really do. When an issue rears its head, they immediately take a poll. Given that the Nats have for decades retreated from the battle of ideas, the poll shows that the prevailing view is a left wing socialist progressive view. This outcome is not surprising because-

  • the public don’t hear any counter arguments from the Nats. Arguments that are founded on the political ideas they once professed to believe in.
  • the media are left wing socialist progressive so are unable to think of any solution to any problem outside this ideology. They will always push this POV.
  • contrary to the Nats, the Labour party are out there unafraid pushing their basic beliefs full tilt

So in answer to every political issue, the Nats go by the polling and eventually trot obligingly willingly and spinelessly down the Marxist path.

Bill English said this over the weekend:

“I wouldn’t expect some big sugar shock (tax cuts) for the middle to higher income range. We want people to be able to share the benefits of growth right across the board. So that ranges from lifting the minimum wage, which has just gone up 50c, or will go up from the first of April, through to the opportunities we have with government surpluses.”

Read that again and think about what he is really saying here. In fact it can be distilled to this-

“We do not believe in tax cuts, or reducing the size of govt. We believe in taking from the productive and redistributing to the non-productive”

Pure Marxist cant that could be distilled even further to Karl Marx’s notorious maxim:

“from each according to ability to each according to need”

Bill English does not even try to confront this policy, and argue a different view, because his polling shows him there are more votes in surrender. The rhetoric above is founded in Marxism. Hence the National Party are a spineless clueless bunch of Marxist dupes.

People continue to vote for National on the grounds they are a better option than Labour. The reality is the Nats just drive the train slower. The destination is still the same.

Socialist train.jpg

Socialist train reaches the end of the line.

There is only one way out of this situation, and that is to remove the current Nats from power. No matter how bad the pain, it has to be done because it is the only way to turn the train from its current disastrous destination.

One term of Labour is a high price but it has to happen because its the only thing that will return National to its brilliant founding principles. The current bunch has to go because they are just totally utterly and pathetically useless.

Get them out, get people in who not only believe in, but more importantly, can strongly and convincingly argue for the party’s founding principles.

“To promote good citizenship and self-reliance; to combat communism and socialism; to maintain freedom of contract; to encourage private enterprise; to safeguard individual rights and the privilege of ownership; to oppose interference by the State in business, and State control of industry”.