In politics, no future for those who won’t fight the cultural war

The Cultural War is at the center of Western politics today.

John Key wouldn’t fight it. Neither will Malcolm Turnbull. Tony Abbott fought it, but not hard enough, although he promises he will if he ever gets another chance. Outgoing West Australian Premiere Colin Barnett would not fight it.

Donald Trump is fighting it like a political General Patton. His personal strategies may not always be the best, but he’s guided by good men, and it will work out. Marine Le Pen is fighting it in France. Gert Wilders is fighting it in Holland.

Pauline Hanson is fighting in Australia. Cory Bernardi too is a warrior. Bill Leak fought so hard, perhaps in the end it cost him his life.

The cultural war is the political and social battle being fought for the hearts and minds of Western Civilisation. In its most simple terms its the Cultural Marxists/ Progressives against the people. Those people who have woken up of course.

Many do not fight yet because they do not recognise the beast, or are like the thugs who used the bayonets on their rifles to shepherd Jews on to rail cars in Nazi Germany, so submerged by the teaming propaganda, that they don’t know what they are. What they have become.

The West Australian election was soundly won by Labor, led by Mark McGowan, a happily married heterosexual with a wife and three kids.

South Australian Senator Cory Bernardi is one of Australia’s most effective Cultural Warriors. He recently quit the Liberals to start his own Conservative Party.

Liberal Premiere Barnett lost the election for a lot of reasons, some particular to WA, and some related to federal politics. He was never a cultural warrior. He never put himself in the front line of that battle.

Labor leader McGowan won the election not because of what he stood for, but for the things he stood against, namely climate change and identity politics. Two surrenders that mean McGowan was smart enough to see which way the wind was blowing and unlike other left wing politicians, he was prepared to adjust to that wind.

Even though the Liberals lost in WA, and lost badly, McGowan’s win can still be seen as a victory for Conservatives because of the positions he was forced to adopt.

In New Zealand, there are no cultural warriors. Like Sweden, its education has been completely infiltrated by progressives for decades now, and alternative independent thought is about as common as rocking horse excrement. However this will change, as it is changing even in Sweden, because the cultural totalitarianism that the Progressives enforce will in the end be the reason for their own downfall. Its just a long way off right now.

The bottom line is this. Do you want to strengthen and protect Western civilisation or do you want to divide it and weaken it and destroy it? That is the battle in its most simple terms. It shouldn’t be too hard for any rational person to pick a side.

Do not support or vote for politicians who will not fight the culture war for us.

2 thoughts on “In politics, no future for those who won’t fight the cultural war

  1. Do you see any up and comers who have the potential to tackle the culture war in NZ? Someone I can get behind and offer support to. Like you I am at a loss to identify any in our current crop of leaders.

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  2. Wish I could answer that. National Party was ruined by Jenny Shipley and John Key. Not much potential there. Scott Simpson up Coromandel way could amount to something but really they’re just a pack of useless Marxist losers.

    ACT too are just another bunch of Post Modernists. Just can’t see anyone worth any support.


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