Bullying intolerant Cultural Marxists try to stifle Same Sex Marriage debate

Cooper Breweries are the latest victims of  the legions of flocking one cell amoebas whose ambition is to drive “unapproved” speech from public discourse. A boycott of their beer is taking place because debate participants were drinking it during a “lite” discussion on Same Sex Marriage.

A 6 minute video of the debate is here.

There has to be many a conservative homosexual who is utterly embarrassed by the actions of those who are attempting to block debate on this issue. The strident bullying and uncivil confrontational tactics long ago wore thin, and one has to wonder when the mainstream backlash will come.

There’s no problem with having an opinion on the issue, either for or against. But to shut down debate? That’s something else.

The would be bullies/ censors mostly come from the same political faction, that is they are the products of the sausage factory style public education system, where they are told what to think on social issues whilst being deliberately denied the educational standards that would allow them to decide such matters for themselves.

Same Sex Marriage is just one of the issues where students are compelled to think in accordance with Cultural Marxist doctrine. Feminism is another. Global Warming is another. Racism is another. LGBTQI issues are another. Equality is another. Hostility towards European heritage is another.

One could go on, but the simple picture is this- if there is a social concept that will undermine, divide, fracture, weaken and ultimately breakdown civil Western society, these silly little brain dead bastards will promote it and propagandise for it with the fervour only years of indoctrination can produce.

The brainwashing in the education system is amply supported by similar efforts in the news media, the entertainment industry and the politically corrupt government bureaucracies. There’s a massive metaphorical Berlin wall out there around social discussion, and the objective of all this is to shut out all ideas that are not “Progressive” ideas. See Sweden for how its done.

The action against Coopers Brewing shows where we really are with these bullying bastards, the social faction that participated in sending Bill Leak to his sudden and far too early death. Its not that your argument is wrong. The point these simian collectivists seek to drive home is this-

There will be no debate!

Vulgar and obscene parades in our cities. Forced participation in school brainwashing programs. Law suits that shut down businesses. Govt actions that drive cartoonists to their death. And now, attempts to put companies who sponsor open debate out of business.

So many must have had it up had it up to here with these totalitarian barbarians.

So called moderate Muslims are criticised for not taking a stand against Islamic terrorism. Time for homosexuals who are not part of this blanket authoritarian attack on freedom to speak out too. If not, continued tolerance for these uncivil attacks on our traditional liberties will have consequences that will include them as well as their bullying comrades.


Cowards at Coopers have cravenly surrendered. Spineless fools who did not realise how many were ready to support them if they had stood firm. After their disgusting display of abject cowardice, will never buy another Cooper’s product.






2 thoughts on “Bullying intolerant Cultural Marxists try to stifle Same Sex Marriage debate

  1. This whole phenomenon is utterly insane.
    Honestly, how much of any nations given population are actually same sex attracted? 1, 2 maybe 3 % tops as a realistic guess is my estimate.
    How can that much of any population capture so much attention, energy and time to something like promoting a concept like “Marriage equality”?
    The whole thing is such a distraction to more important things like providing more employment and career opportunities to all or the costs of living etc… or how about something like national security? oh no, that’s going to far isn’t it for them I guess…

    Please, lets get down to earth you evil cultural Marxists!


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