Labour the organ grinder, Whaleoil the monkey

Sledge of the Day on the Whaleoil Blog has been awarded today to Labour Party Deputy Leader Jacinda Ardern, for her response to a crude and amateurish message supposedly sent to her by some “right winger” somewhere.

This message wasn’t sent by any “right winger”. Its almost certainly a setup, a false flag designed to get Ardern two things-

  1. public sympathy and,
  2. media attention.

And it worked so well even Cameron Slater and/ or the stooges that work at Whaleoil fell for it.

I’m going to give Slater and his censoring prog stooges the Blast’s award for “The most gullible bunch of idiots in NZ politics”.

One thought on “Labour the organ grinder, Whaleoil the monkey

  1. All this childish nonsense about gender, feminism, etc is seriously bordering on some kind of mental illness.
    I jgot lumped with the term “mansplaining” on social media because I was honest with my comment to a profile that featured a popular female “expert” on organic stuff.
    These sensitive snowflakes tend to pull the sexist card all too quickly, Feel like I”m walking on ultra thin eggshells here, if you know what I mean…. its utterly crazy!

    All this for being clear and honest in my reply to this organic expert!

    So my message is be very careful what one says on social media now if there is any clear indication of your gender in your social media profile… the thought police don’t sleep!


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