White males need to get angry- don’t vote for the status quo

Why are white men voting for political parties who are intent on marginalising us? White men today are the victims of one of the most staggering political betrayals of all time, and like gullible malleable idiots, we continue to vote for the status quo political parties that are besotted with ideas like diversity and feminism, and who are therefore most behind this betrayal.

We urgently need to do something to rectify this unhappy situation, and we need to be clear on what that something should be.

Anyone who has ever spoken to their local politician knows its a waste of time. All you’ll get is double talk to appease your concerns and no action. This is particularly so in respect of those politicians who should be standing against this war on men. Though they’ve depended upon our vote for decades, they’re ever ready to fob us off and keep knifing us in the back.

Parties that openly stand for the left are not included in this allegation of betrayal, for they openly state their intention to destroy the power structures of white males. They’re at least honest about it. And men who vote left are happy to be lemmings, happy to be downgraded in society, happy to be doormats, so there’s no point in appealing to them.

Only lemmings would keep voting for their own extinction

So, what are white males who do not agree with ideas like feminism and diversity and don’t like being drummed out of the work force and/ or society to do? When our representatives tell us they are looking out for our interests but instead are busy stabbing us in the back, what’s the solution? Its obvious really.

We don’t keep voting for these betrayers.

If we keep voting for them we’re just the same kind of self destructive idiots who vote for the hard left, in the form of socially progressive parties and the rest.

Now it may seem that simply taking your vote away is a pretty ineffective strategy. Well, that may be so, but in a democracy, when your reps won’t listen, it is all you are left with. What makes it effective is when thousands of us do it. Or millions, and there are millions of us out there. They’re unresponsive to our complaints, they’re treating us like crap, they take our vote for granted, so stop giving them that vote. Make them work for it.

Where to put your vote? Well, it doesn’t matter really as long as you take it away from the likes of (for example) Malcolm Turnbull and his progressive ilk. Turnbull is a politically limp wristed non-event who pretty much typifies what sellouts most modern Conservatives leaders are across the West these days.

In Australia you can vote for Pauline Hanson, or Cory Bernardi, or even any of the lesser new start ups. It does not matter, for the real intent of your voting action is to send a message to the parties you once voted for, and that message is you will no longer support politicians who betray you.

There is no other solution, and while white men continue to vote for the parties that are flat out destroying their careers, taking away their opportunities and their intent to provide for their families, and committing various other acts of outright betrayal, they have no right to complain.

We live in democracies in the West, and our vote is a political resource. Use that vote wisely. Its virtually the best and only weapon you have against the political invertebrates who are betraying us. Next election, show them you’re sick of talk and weak promises. Show them how pissed off you are. If you’re a white male, do not vote for status quo parties. Unless you enjoy being a lemming.

Outsider Rowan Dean summed up the anti-white male movement pretty perfectly in this rant a couple of weeks ago about International Women’s Day.

Its serious and we need to get serious. Don’t ever vote again for those bastards who are stabbing us in the back.

10 thoughts on “White males need to get angry- don’t vote for the status quo

  1. Well written Redbaiter,

    Nature wired males ( irrespective of genetic heritage) over time to get angry when others insult or exploit them, impose too high a cost on a man so as to get an unjustifiably small benefit for the other ( whomever that maybe)

    I also suspect it’s not just “white men” who are not displaying anger to obvious political/economic & social taunts & stirrings. I think it’s a lot of men, regardless of genetic heritage. Especially with issues like Feminism

    Anger is in the mind, the mind is in the body, so I’m becoming more convinced that male biology is being tampered with here too due to disruptions with our endocrine systems that among other things, influences testosterone levels. Here’s a link to back this claim up and its from a decade ago! > https://www.endocrine.org/news-room/press-release-archives/2006/testosterone_lvls_in_men_decline

    They new about this phenomenon affecting USA males back then in 06′, so imagine what it’s like today in other western democracies where males inhabit!


  2. This issue is very disturbing indeed, and I have thought about it in recent times before this article was published.
    Another thing to consider in today’s world is the advent of digital entertainment such as video games etc.
    Not saying they are bad thing in themselves but another distraction from the hard realities that surround white men ( or any other male for that matter).
    The tech industry competing with other forms of entertainment to occupy one”s mind and time……

    Rising prevalence of obesity, now making it more the “normal” today has effects on men’s mental and physical health. There was a piece that came out last week indicating nearly 66% of population are already obese. Google it and one will find that info.

    Also, being born into western societies which in large measure have already succumbed to the infection of cultural Marxism already sets them up to be weak, codependent & escapist inclined from the day they are born.

    So…. how do we as men get out of this and take back control?


    • Rowan is absolutely correct. I am a female and I am sick of this feminism rubbish. My son opened a door for a young lady recently and she abused him, can you believe it? I love my husband opening my door and I have taught my sons to respect women and by standing up in a bus and opening a door are two ways to show respect. It has just got out of hand and I and my family are sick of it.


  3. Just got wind of this > http://www.breitbart.com/tech/2017/03/25/twitter-search-for-racist-and-hitler-suggest-donald-trumps-profile/

    Apart from the many reasons I posted above for this phenomenon, the real kicker in mind control of white males looks more than likely to be another form of digital communications such as social media > http://www.breitbart.com/tech/2017/03/25/twitter-search-for-racist-and-hitler-suggest-donald-trumps-profile/

    cultural Marxists in silicon valley controlling the ebb and flow of global digital information via social media sites like twitter & facebook.

    As long as this keeps happening, the future is indeed very bleak for freedom of thought!


  4. You took the words right out of my mouth redbaiter. Amy Adams has made the most anti man legislation in regards to fathers. Innocent till proven guilty pretty much no longer exists in family court, and that’s Amy Adams. So that’s National, then you have Tracey Martin, who advocates for the White Ribbon Society. So that’s New Zealand First. Then you have Jacinda Ardern, and David Cunliffe, so that’s labour, the Greens are self explanatory. So that leaves Seymour, the Euthanasia advocate.

    So exactly who is left?


  5. Red I have been waiting and waiting for this day. I’ve now finished a book I have been working so hard on. Would you appoint someone to be the guardian of a $ million trust, if they are dishonest? Now would you appoint a woman to be guardian of your child, and put them in a position where if they lied about you in family court, family court would believe her, if they are a malicious liar? No you would make sure in both cases they were honest, in form of dishonesty you wouldn’t tolerate.

    The care of children Act in sections 15, 16 and 97, says that as far as the child is concerned the person looking after the child has rights. While both parents are happy together they are both guardians, if the mother isn’t happy she becomes sole guardian-custodian. This is confirmed in so many Ministry of Justice pamphlets. Domestic violence and protection orders are always showing the woman as victims.

    It gets worse in the Family Proceedings act after care of children was passed sections 42, 45, 46, 47 and 52 were updated, saying that the one who looks after the child on a day to day basis has standing in court and their statement doesn’t need to be corroborated. Their’s other legislation which explains that the only thing the court cares about is the guardian of the child.

    So again if men understood this, they would make sure she isn’t a malicious liar, and their is a way to tell early on. Secondly, the court says hand over your assets and property. After pages and pages of legal terminology, and relevant statutes I can say that their is something you can put your money in that isn’t under their jurisdiction.

    I’ve worked very hard on this, so now their is a book available which teaches men how the family court system works and how to avoid being a victim of it.

    Book 2 describes what I’ve said, book 1 goes through some of the easier to understand ideas. So Red just so that you know, I said I’d do this a long time ago, and now I have done it. And if people understood this we will have a merit based pension. Their will be no other way it can be done. They need to take your property and your assets to keep this thing going. And if people find out the loophole, the system won’t work unless they say hey you’ve been on the DPB for 10 years, we can’t give you a pension too, we’ll give it to those who’ve worked so hard for theirs.

    Oh last of all Blobby said all books on family court haven’t been allowed. But all I have to do is quote their own legislation and its all stated right their. I can quote as much legislation as I want without violating copyright law. And EAD this book will teach you plenty about the way the monetary system works.


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