Turnbull appointee to ABC chair turns out to be turncoat.

Malcolm Turnbull has to go and the sooner the better. This looney lefty has betrayed Conservatives again and appointed one of his progressive mates to be the new Chairman of the ABC. Who today made this public statement-

“Generally speaking, as a punter and consumer of the ABC, it seems to me to be doing a very good job. I like ABC for news like all Australians do because the ABC attempts to be unbiased, it attempts to tell it right down the middle so it’s a good reference point for many Australians.”

The only people who think the ABC is not biased is people who are as left wing as they are.

So the one chance in a long time to do something about the gang of union thugs and crooks who control the ABC and Turnbull stuffs it up completely by appointing some leftist stooge so FITH politically he thinks extreme left is “middle of the road”.

This simpering twit got to know Turnbull when he ran OzEmail, the internet service provider Turnbull co-founded. The pair became friends and Turnbull then appointed Milne, who also ran Bigpond and MSN, to the NBN board in 2013. Milne said of Turnbull-

“Malcolm is a high-minded public servant. I have got to know him over a number of years and have a great deal of respect for him.”

Turnbull a high minded public servant? Obviously Milne is as good a judge of character as he is of left wing bias.

This is a massive blow to Conservatives, Libertarians and the like who were hoping for some changes. To see the incoming chairman say something so patently detached from reality is just utterly and completely gob-smacking.

Turnbull must have known what Milne’s views were before he appointed him. Turnbull was also well aware of how many Liberal party supporters felt about the ABC’s bias and how they were wanting something done. This appointment then is a big middle finger from Turnbull to a huge part of his electorate.

The Liberal party is crazy if they think its supporters will keep copping this excrement. Get rid of this left wing scumbag Turnbull or Labor will walk all over you next election.