ABC Q and A, where all the stupidest questions are asked and applauded

Q and A on ABC TV is really a modern day Soviet style kangaroo court. Where weekly show trials are held for the purpose of denigrating dissident opinion and/ or doing propaganda for socialism and or Cultural Marxism.

Questions and questioners are deliberately chosen to achieve these objectives, and panelists too are chosen on that same basis. Themes are constantly in line with whatever the left sector of politics are pushing, and care is taken to ensure the narrative never slides to a position that might be beneficial to non-left dissidents.

Issues such as Manus Island refugees, global warming or any green left issue and multi-culturalism, racism, sexism, etc etc come up relentlessly week after week, and when the program has ended, there has always been a manipulated reinforcement of left wing views on these issues.

An occasional Conservative voice is heard, such as Mark Steyn or Helen Andrews, but such appearances are spaced as far as possible apart, and only for the purpose of quieting complaints.

Producers claim the audience is selected to try and achieve a political balance, but one only needs to observe the overpowering applause that arises when any silly left wing homily is spoken to know this is not true.

Its all part of the kangaroo court plan to give dissenters a good ridiculing. And the audience ridicule is supplemented by a specifically chosen selection of  tweets from gape jawed left wing idiots, and they roll constantly across the screen.

“Moderator” Tony Jones will move quickly to hobble any conversation that might show socialism in a bad light, and when the program ends its almost sure that the production team hold a Vodka quaffing party where they congratulate themselves on their propaganda effort.

Q and A is Cultural Marxism and Critical Theory run amuck. On the taxpayer dime of course, and its all such a dishonest political contrivance it is nothing short of disgusting.

Last night Section 18c of the Human Rights Act was under discussion. As usual, the arguments were painful, not least because they always feature tired old talking points that the left consider to be unbeatable put downs of Conservative positions. The one they often use in respect of 18C is this one-

“What do opponents of 18C wish to say that the law does not presently permit them to say?”

This weak pathetic homily received the expected frequent coverage last night and was presented in a number of different formats. One dimbulb panelist even had the nerve to argue “if its not broken why fix it?”. The answer of course was not offered. Viewers can yell at the screen all they like, but it makes no difference. Obvious answers to stupid left wing questions are never aired on ABC Q and A.

What people want to say and what 18C prevents them from saying is what Andrew Bolt was prosecuted for. What people want to say is what seven Queensland university students were prosecuted for. Harmless discussions and completely true observations regarding everyday issues they were faced with.

That’s the answer to your stupid question you soviet style kangaroo court Stalinist bastards.

Citizens also want to be free of the need to look over their shoulders to see who is in ear shot before saying something that may get them dragged before Cheka official Gillian Trigg’s disgusting tribunal. Or saying some innocent remark and then find Stasi policeman Tim Soutphommasane advertising for people to make complaints and bring them to justice.

We want to be able to talk naturally and normally without the threat of prosecution by zealous over-powerful jack booted government officials.

Please ABC producers, if by some slim chance you read this, stop panelists and audience members from asking this stupid stupid propaganda driven question. Surely there must be some limit to left wing perversion of truth on publicly funded television shows.

One thought on “ABC Q and A, where all the stupidest questions are asked and applauded

  1. Not completely sure who runs or has the final say about ABC content programming, but whoever they are, that “swamp” needs serous draining.
    I could write letters to my local Federal MP but he is of the Labor party, so that’s a waste of time.
    Keep in mind that ABC media share is diminishing due to massive competition from other media platforms.. like Internet.

    In any case, Q&A is good for a laugh. 🙂


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