The barbarians are winning but we already knew that

Attempts to change Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act were defeated in the Senate yesterday. Its no surprise, because we already knew the numbers. So did Malcolm Turnbull, which is why he relented and finally agreed to try and make the changes.

The whole process was a Turnbull inspired farce with one real intent, and that was to quieten those opposed to 18C. Now the refrain from its knuckle dragging supporters is “Its over, you lost we won, shut up!”

They’re right to at least some extent, but really, its no great loss. The changes that were proposed go no way far enough anyway and the only acceptable result for any true devotee of liberty is a complete repeal of the Racial Discrimination Act and the shutting down of the department of jack booted thugs who enforce it.

Here’s the real issue. The party that calls itself the Australian Liberal Party doesn’t really give a damn for the Racial Discrimination Act’s assault on liberty. So their name is a farce and so is the party.

Lesson number one- the Liberal Party is the Fascist Party.

Lesson number two. Don’t vote for one group of fascists merely because they’re better than the other group of fascists.

Readers, you must revoke your support for the Liberals and place your vote with another party, for otherwise it will continue to get worse. This point cannot be stressed enough. It will continue to get worse if you keep voting Liberal.

You must send them the message “enough is enough” and put your vote elsewhere. Its the only remedy that  is available. If they don’t change, they lose your vote.  That vote is the only real means you have too change the Racial Discrimination Act. Don’t waste it by voting for the fake Liberals.

Also, for future reference, here are the barbarians in the Senate who blocked the current changes. Don’t waste a vote on them either.

The Green Party

The Nick Xenophon Team

Jacqui Lambie Network

2 thoughts on “The barbarians are winning but we already knew that

  1. How in God’s name did they get so many freak Greens in the Senate. And who poisoned Jacqui Lambie. Australians are starting to look extremely dumb, I mean dumber.


  2. It’s issues like this that spur on political movements like Corey’s Australian Conservatives party etc, or a rise in informal voting continues because Aussie voters are so pissed off and angry at the stupid system.
    Better yet, Australia needs to embrace freedom of speech PROPERLY and embed it in the constitution, similar to how the US has it in their bill of rights. Thus minimizing it as political football like section 18c has become.


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