Trump Russia allegations- at last some clarity as pieces fall into place

Most who observed Hillary Clinton’s unexpected loss to Donald Trump and the following allegations of Russian interference in the election initially saw it as a case of sour grapes. Clinton needed an excuse for her failure and her lackluster campaign, and the claim that the “Russians hacked the elections” seemed the perfect cover. Vague and meaningless, unable to be substantiated, it was the perfect line because being so murky it could likewise not be disproven.

Recent revelations though have shown this commonly accepted “excuse” thesis to be wrong. The situation is actually far more serious, so serious its hard to find a comparison. Watergate? Maybe, but a few Presidential lies about a burglary would seem small fry to the potential for wrong doing that is gradually being exposed here.

The reason Obama and the Democrats started pushing the “Russia hacked the election” allegations was not to excuse Hillary’s poor performance. It was actually an attempt to provide cover for illegal spying on the Trump campaign by the joint forces of the Obama administration, the Clinton campaign, and the Security intelligence services.

They never expected Trump to win. Many observers predicted he had maybe one to five chances in a hundred. However he did win, and this victory is what really put the cat among the pigeons.

The Hillary administration would have covered up the spying. When Trump won, the conspirators knew they faced eventual exposure, and they needed a story that would explain their otherwise unjustifiable and partisan surveillance of Trump and his campaign.

This was the true reason the “Russia hacked the election myth” was born. Not as an excuse for Clinton’s loss, but as a cover story for illegal spying by the anti-Trump sector of the US intelligence community, with the connivance of Obama and Hillary Clinton and senior Democrats.

It should be remembered that early in the campaign, both the Democrats and the Republican’s perceived a Trump victory as damaging to America’s global security and international relations. It is not inconceivable therefore that the security sector took it upon itself to spy on the Trump campaign with a view to limiting political damage that might occur through Trump’s perceived outsider’s and therefore uninformed stance on global and internal issues.

Some of them, especially within senior ranks, may have well perceived a Trump win as a disaster for America, and thought their duty therefore was to ensure a Hillary victory.

This scenario goes a long way to explaining the strangely desperate and driven obsession of the Obama administration, the Hillary camp, and the Democrats-at-large with de-legitimizing Trump the President. They knew what was coming. The knew the spying would be uncovered. They knew their crimes would be exposed. Trump had to be discredited or it was curtains for the Democrat party and all involved in the illegal surveillance.

The crooks desperately needed a cover story, something that would give a false justification for their spying, and the “Russia hacked the election” allegation was conceived expressly for that purpose. They were not spying on Trump to ensure he lost the election, or to prevent any faux pas on global security or global diplomatic relations. They were spying because the Russians were interfering with the election, a good patriotic cause that Joe public would easily buy into.

Tucker Carlson is a rare bird, a good journalist. He understands skepticism is the basis of reporting, and he asks questions. For the duration of this issue he has asked two questions directed at the core of the allegations that Russia hacked the election, and both remain unanswered.

The first is “What did Russia actually do?”, and the second is “If they indeed did do something, then where is the proof”? 

No matter how many times Tucker has asked these questions, of anti-Trump politicians, officials and bureaucrats, they remain unanswered. Every time he persists, he is met with obfuscation and diversion. Its now clear there are no answers because it just did not happen.

The absurdity is that there is really nothing that Russia could have done, unless it switched votes by the millions, or hacked voting machines, or bribed thousands of election officials to falsify the vote counts.

The absurdity of the allegation has been emphasized by the storm of lies that are now being exposed. John Brennan, Obama’s Muslim friend who was the CIA Director is accused of starting the rumour. Wiki says during his term as CIA Director  the U.S. government conducted massive levels of global surveillance, that the CIA had hacked into the computers of U.S. Senate employees. Its therefore no stretch to belive he hacked into the Trump campaign

Outgoing Director of National Intelligence James Clapper is a liar. Comey has mislead on a number of occasions. But the real proof in the pudding is Susan Rice’s clear lying about the unmasking of Trump campaign staff and even journalist Sean Hannity.

If everything was above board, why the need for all of the lies and deceit?

The whole messy illegal and wide ranging scenario is going to be busted wide open, no matter how hard the Democrats soldiers who control Mainstream Media will work to cover it up. Its just too big and too serious. This is a crime of monumental proportions and it is likely to lead right back to Barack Obama, as it is unlikely Susan Rice took such astonishingly illegal steps on her own.

The spying network is culpable, the Obama administration is culpable, the Clinton campaign is culpable, the Democrats are culpable, the Democrats media soldiers are culpable, and it would not be surprising it there was even some involvement from the Republican party,.

There is a vast sea of illegal activity all aimed at either preventing Trump being elected or assisting Clinton to win.

The claim that the “Russians hacked the election” is  now exposed fully as a cover story designed to give legality to the spying.

The Democrat’s desperation to de-legitimatize Trump, coupled with the MSM’s desperation to ignore this story, and the widespread lying by the security community and the outgoing Whitehouse officials all reinforce this truth.

The United States is in the grip of a criminal regime that has little regard for the law. The issue now is not the Russians, but how the Trump administration can bring this network of criminals to justice. No easy task when the corruption is so deep seated.

If Trump fails in his pursuit of justice, if the criminals prevail, there will be consequences that will rend the Constitutional Republic apart as never before. There are too many good Americans out there who will not stand by and watch their country fall into the hands of the despicable and ruthless gang of would be tyrants behind this incredible attempt at a third world anti-democratic coup.

Update 23 04 2017- American Spectator- CIA Director John Brennan colluded with Clinton campaign and foreign spies to defeat Trump.

4 thoughts on “Trump Russia allegations- at last some clarity as pieces fall into place

  1. Totally agree with you summary of where things stand. I think Comey is more deeply involved than many think, but given more rope he will eventually hang himself.


  2. Events yesterday prove Trump is no Russian pawn, he sent rockets into Syria to teach Assad a lesson about using chemical weapons on his own people. Obama under similar circumstances did nothing but protest mildly. If Putin did indeed do anything to try to help Trump win the election (extremely unlikely it would have had any effect, of course), as the left leaning media and the Democrats camp insist, Putin would now regret his action. President Trump has shown he will not recoil from using America’s considerable military power to teach the enemies of America a lesson. He is a man with the courage of his convictions. I imagine the tyrant in Pyongyang is watching closely events in Syria, as he is next on Trump’s list for action. Even better this has happened while the Chinese leader is in America holding talks with Trump. President Xi is a smart man and Trump can only grow in his estimation by taking decisive action against his enemies. Even more remarkably some of the leading left leaning critics are actually praising Trump for doing what he has done. I think this could be a positive turning point for the Trump presidency. All the major world leaders who have been so far unhelpful towards the new American President have voiced their approval. What change a few dozen Tomahawk missiles can make. Yes America is great and Trump will make sure it remains that way.


  3. I think you have nailed it yet again.

    I don’t hold out any hope that Trump can shut down the corruption, as it is so deep and ingrained.

    If he becomes to much of a problem they will get rid of him.

    They also need to fix the next election, they were caught with their collective pants down as the voters have been changing the Chanel and not buying into the official propaganda, a real problem for the MSM.

    Expect the domestic spying to ramp up, more mandatory and intrusive security checks, under the guise of terrorism, restricting peoples movements.

    Less privacy for the promise of being safer.


  4. “Its therefore no stretch to belive he hacked into the Trump campaign [sic]”

    With the recent emergence of the Chairman (Senate Intelligence Committee) Nunes memo, the whole debacle behind the sordid dossier provided courtesy of a disenfranchised British Leftist spy, Christopher Steele, funded by the Clintons and fed to the MSM and FBI, the latter who used it as supporting “evidence” to underwrite the judicial oversight for a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance (FISA) Court judge’s warrant to spy on Carter Page, the unpaid low wattage Trump campaign worker. Instead, they used this to expedite spying on Trump and the campaign.

    Now the whole debacle emerges into the daylight. Several high ranked Obama admin staff (DOJ/FBI) played their part. It is inconceivable that Obama or Susan Rice, or Loretta Lynch did not know.

    And meanwhile, not a bloody phart of whiff in the NZ MSM about any of this other than the usual anti-MAGA POTUS Trump propaganda.

    Dispense with ANY doubts that you might have that we are not currently in the Sitzkreig of a THE ideological war, arguably WW3. If it goes Blitz, as before, the toxic watermelon of the UN will be flushed. After that, perhaps we may always learn and remember the lessons of history. One prays it will not be at the expense of millions of lives.


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