Nats- not just the stupid party, but the really stupid party

Simon Bridges was unpopular with the left, so in an example of either craven cowardice, or rank stupidity, the National Party did as the left wanted them to do so badly, and removed him as leader. Why did the left hate Simon Bridges? Because he was a fighter, and prepared to take it to the shallow socialist charlatan Ardern.

Bridge’s willingness to fight outraged Ardern’s supporters, and they mobilised in the media, and on social media, to express that outrage. The Nats, who have never been known for political acumen, took this outrage as representative of all NZ, and let it influence them, and worse, allowed themselves to fall under the spell of the ambitious and opportunistic Todd Muller.

Mr Muller dreamed when he was a boy of becoming President of the United States. Even wrote a book about it. Strange right? Always beware of children who yearn to become great political leaders. It suggests an unhealthy degree of ambition, and in Mr Muller’s case, this suggestion seems well validated.

From what little is known of Mr Muller to date, one thing is clear. He is driven first of all by ambition. Where Simon Bridges had some connection to the founding principles of the National Party (founded 1936), Todd Muller will have none of that nonsense. Everything that matters is out the door. His claimed Catholic faith. His claimed opposition to abortion. Gone in his mad rush to be Prime Minister.

In a stark exhibition of putting ambition before principle, Muller has made a far left pro-abortionist wet his deputy. He has to succeed, not in placing the National Party in power, but using it as a vehicle to fulfill his ambitions

Further proof that Mr Muller is just using the party is exhibited by his willingness to team up with anyone if it profits him. Simon Bridges gallantly refused to accommodate the biggest traitor in NZ politics, saying he would never do a deal with NZ First. Muller has not only left the door open to a deal with NZ First, but has gone one further by saying his door is also open to the Marxist, economy destroying Greens.

So say by some remote chance the Nats won, and did team up with these parties, what would we have in govt? An ambitious user leading a party of fools completely devoid of political principles, a bunch of betrayers led by a spiteful embittered man who has never forgiven the Nats for his expulsion, and the bunch of clueless mentally sick racists and communists who are the Green Party. What use is that to anyone who does care about the Nat’s founding principles?

So that’s what the Nat’s stupidity and Muller’s ambitions have done to the NZ voters’ choices. Reduced them to nothing. Its a bit like Henry Ford’s Model T, when he used to say you could order them in any colour you wanted as long as it was black. NZ voters now have the same choice, any political party you want, as long as its a pack of dysfunctional leftist losers.

Said it before and say it again. There is no way for Conservatives to win the 2020 election, but this is the best chance ever to rid The NZ National Party of all the left wing baby boomers and their progressive proteges, and form a cohesive purposeful party to face the 2023 election.

Don’t waste your vote on a party that is really no longer the National Party, and led by an ambitious deluded self promoter. This election vote New Conservative, and do what you can to destroy the fake National Party, so that it can come back in 2023 as a real party, or perhaps better still, forever fade into political history.