Turning crisis into an opportunity

OK, so the left now fully control both major New Zealand parties. Labour, at least true to their principles, and the National Party, hopelessly infiltrated by the left and now, following the coup by Muller and Kaye, an opposition in name only.

Not that it is really much of a loss, given the Nats have been going downhill for sometime, and even with a Conservative leader, nothing was ever going to be accomplished given so many traitors have been so deeply embedded in the party for so long.

Don’t despair. This perceived crisis is actually the best opportunity Conservatives have had in a long time.

The first thing to understand is that winning the next election would not necessarily have been the best for the National Party. if ever there has been a poisoned chalice in NZ’s political history it will be handed to the winner of the September election.

Thanks to Labour’s over the top reaction to the Covid19 crisis, the country is in a downward economic trajectory that has seldom if ever been seen before. Huge debt, the bad side effects of quantitative easing, massive unemployment, chronic bankruptcy or business closures and just about every negative economic effect you can imagine is on its way.

The voters who voted in the recent highly doubtful polls will be feeling a lot different by the time the 2023 election comes around. If the govt even lasts that long. The bottom line is this- whoever wins the September 2020 election is out on their collective arses at the next election.

So where is the opportunity?

Let the National Party lose, and hope they lose big time. We do not want to win the next election. Nothing can change the economic outcomes except time. So there’s never been a better chance to take your vote away from the left controlled National Party. Let them go down, and hopefully, a huge loss will see the party rid itself of treacherous progressives and start the long task of restoring itself to its Conservative roots.

Shift your vote to the Conservative Party. Forget ACT. They’re not “right wing”, they’re liberal, as they’ve always said, and just because they’ve suddenly started bandying the word “freedom”  about it doesn’t mean anything. They support untrammeled immigration, the social division of multiculturalism, and the Climate Change farce which they think can be fixed by the totally false cronyist scam of carbon trading. Support and build the New Conservatives as a bolster against increasing progressive influence elsewhere.

Be grateful for missing the chaos and blame and retributions that will arise from the coming economic collapse and look forward to 2023 when hopefully there will be a reconstituted National Party and a strong ally for them in the New Conservative Party.

Really, losing the 2020 elections is a good thing. Its the crisis we needed to give us the breathing space to put things right. In the National Party and right across the New Zealand political scene.

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