Cannon Fodder for Communist Ambition

Sky News reported last night that the Black Lives Matter Group in Brisbane Qld couldn’t get to the demonstration, so they handed it over to the Australian Communist Party to organise. This change went unnoticed by the crowd, who gathered in Brisbane and gasped and applauded and cheered over the ghastly rhetoric pouring from the mouth of the communist spokesman. There it was, right in front of them, publicly acknowledged Communists repeating Black Lives Matter rhetoric and the crowd couldn’t see it.

In any truthful discussion on this issue the first thing that needs to be acknowledged is the fabrication that blacks are disadvantaged. Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim black, and he came from a mix of poor and middle class backgrounds and in 2008 was voted by millions of white Americans to be their President. He was re-elected in 2012.

There are millions of black Americans in positions of wealth power and carrying the authority of govt. Sure there are also millions in what passes for poverty. Not because the US is racist, but because of poor choices. If whites are the problem, why is there widespread poverty in South Africa? Far worse than in the US. Yet that country, once a rich economic powerhouse, has been controlled by blacks since 1994, when the African National Congress political party won power. It has been in power ever since. Almost 30 years, yet crime, poverty, and racism, has only got worse.

The problem in the US is a politically corrupted education system, which tells kids, and black kids in particular, that they are living in a different country to what the US actually is. In this mythical country the leftists teach of, Barack Obama would never be elected President. Of course he was, and this demonstrates so starkly that it is a totally false picture of America being taught to our children. However, they don’t know this, and their heads are full of the self prophesied failures taught to them by Marxist teachers. There’s no hope they are told, unless there is change, and they believe it.

The change their Marxist teachers want is a one party communist state, and those teachers are not beyond lying to black (and white kids) to achieve that aim. The riots over the death of George Floyd are a direct result of yielding the education system, and of course the media, to the Marxist left.

Blacks are not treated any differently to whites or any other group as far as the system goes, and statistics support this statement. However, anyone saying this is up against such a tsunami of lies from communist infiltrated media, academia, bureaucracy and govt, its a truth that struggles to see the light of day. 60 years of systematic lying in education & media is an obstacle any truth would have difficulty overcoming.

George Floyd’s brother begged the looters to stop desecrating his brother’s memory. They continued. So its not Floyd they care about. What is going on here then?

We’re watching communist revolutionaries act out the first stage, a dry run if you will, of their plan to overthrow the US govt by force. They’re encouraged in this drill by the Democrat Party, who see the disruption as a means to possibly bring about the defeat of Donald Trump that Joe Biden is incapable of accomplishing. Its Democratic states where the most damage is being done, as authorities stand back and watch looting and burning and violence, and chuckle among themselves, “this should see the end of that bastard Trump”.

Nothing has ever mattered to the left as much as political power, and if they’re denied that power, than look out anyone who stands in their way. Including black people, white people, poor people, rich people, anyone. We’ll all be used as cannon fodder for communist ambition. If we are so stupid as to allow it.