West today is the Soviet Union the Russians overturned in 1961

Lies everywhere. Like quicksand. We struggle to escape, but the mire just gets deeper, and we sink further into it. The truth is beyond reach, and any attempt to bring truth, or even to suggest there’s something not quite right, is met with thundering disapproval. It rains down in torrents on anyone who in the slightest way challenges any post modernist/ progressive narrative that is pushed upon us.

Fred Reed wrote about this way back in 2002, when it wasn’t quite so pervasive, or quite so strong. However after another almost twenty years in the slowly boiling pot, its becoming intolerable. Fred made reference to the Soviet Union, and of course, that’s exactly what we have throughout the West today. Each country is its own Soviet Union, run by the Kommissariat from our localised Kremlins, and supported by a corrupt academia, bought off entertainment sector, and a Pravda styled media. All dedicated to propagating the big lies needed to underpin the one party socialist state.

In Fred’s magnificent piece, that really should be read three times at least by every thinking man and woman concerned about where we are today, he makes the valuable point that “To enforce conformity, the threat need not be extreme, merely adequate”. In other words, they don’t actually have to sentence you to ten years in the gulags in the icy north to starve and shiver and probably die. All they have to do today is threaten you with job loss or social ostracisation. As Fred says, it isn’t the gulags, but its enough to silence you.

Take one recent example. Wearing a MAGA cap. The lie that this is a symbol of white supremacy has gained such currency, especially in New Zealand, that it cannot be challenged. In an attempt to expose this lie, a foolishly courageous man wore one to a New Zealand Black Lives Matter demonstration and was assaulted, had his cap ripped from his head and it was set afire. He is a school teacher, and although now forced into a cowering apology, he is still being investigated by the Dept of Education and is threatened with the loss of his job. See how it is done?

The news media do their bit, as the cultural watch tower guards who pose as journalists make sure the man’s thought and speech crimes get maximum publicity, and especially broadcast his punishment, just in case there’s anyone else out there thinking of getting uppity.

So these lies have gradually permeated our culture since the fifties to the state we are in today, in 2020, drowning in them. A more pervasive example is the lie of oppression, a key strategy in the Cultural Marxist tactics that have brought us here. Marx said in 1870 the workers were oppressed by the capitalists. Revolution was needed to bring “equality”. His modern day disciples have gone further, and to summarize today’s version, it is that almost everyone who is not a white male, is oppressed by white males, and once again, we need revolution to bring equality.

Where the Communists have triumphed, in the Soviet Union/ East Germany, or China for example, there never was equality. The Soviets had the nomenklatura, (in Russian, first on the list) rewarded for party support, and in China today there is a social points system, where citizens are denied services, like air or rail travel, because their points score is too low. They haven’t done enough for the party, or maybe they’ve even been spotted wearing a MAGA cap.

So equality is the first lie, and oppression is the second. Today the lie of black oppression by the Police has massive currency. Statistics show this claim to be entirely untrue, but it is impossible to challenge the lie. It just has too much power behind it.

How do we get out of this terrible mess. Its hard to say. We must all work to expose and weaken the pillars that sustain the big lies. Academia. Media. Bureaucracy. Government. Soviet citizens, in the end, had to fight their way out. Will it come to this is in the West? Right now, its looking more like the only solution every day.


For the stats on Police/ Black interaction, read this article referencing research by Heather MacDonald, a wonderful writer I’ve been reading for some time. MacDonald: Statistics Do Not Support The Claim Of ‘Systemic Police Racism’